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14 Coffee Table Books that Are Beyond Pretty


Styling the perfect coffee table takes a couple of key items — decorative items, a little bit of greenery, and, of course, a gorgeous coffee table book (or two). There’s no shortage of colorful and sleek books, but what if you’re looking for table literature with a smidge more substance than just stunning photos? That’s us, too, so we tracked down some of the best coffee table books to blend the informative with the eye-catching.

Nasty Galaxy

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s knock-out show Girlboss or read the incredible book it’s based on, go do that now. But then come back and grab Sophia Amoruso’s memoir 2.0 that’ll brighten up any coffee table.

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Dining In: Highly Cookable Recipes

We’re super into this trend of cookbooks looking as delicious as the recipes inside. Leave this beauty on your coffee table or on your kitchen counter.

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The New York Times: 36 Hours: Europe

Ah, wanderlust. Thankfully, NYT has brought the world to your coffee table with gorgeous photos and information that’s real handy if/when you actually get yourself across the pond.

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The Kinfolk Entrepreneur

From the beloved artistic magazine comes this book, part of the Kinfolk series. It delivers real-life stories and tips from entrepreneurs without compromising on Kinfolk’s signature stunning photography.

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Eat Beautiful

Anything we can do to make our skin glow naturally, we’re all over — this gorgeous book is chock-full of nutrition and scientific info about how different nutrients impact your lovely skin.

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200 Women

There are billions of women in this world, but here is a collection of 200 kick-ass ladies to inspire you and your guests.

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Humans of New York

A coffee table classic, this book has portraits and stories from real-life people who photographer Brandon Stanton bumps into on the streets of New York City — intimate, engaging, and honest.

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Brave Enough

Cheryl Strayed — author of the amazing memoir Wild — is back with this bite-size book of quotes. It’s a great breath of fresh air when you need a motivational pick-me-up, and it looks adorable on your coffee table.

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Vintage Cocktails

Knowing how to make an old-school cocktail off-the-cuff is a pretty neat party trick — now you’ve got a whole book chock full of them! Cute to leave out on your table, or to put to use for Bachelor watch nights.

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The Five-Minute Journal

Why not include a book that you get to write yourself? This slim and sleek journal has guided questions for you to reflect on your day, and its neutral color makes a great addition to any living room coffee table.

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The Princess Bride

Some of our favorite childhood reads are coming back into style with a totally refreshed look — this classic looks as old-fashioned as the story itself. Also check out this copy of The Little Mermaid illustrated by Yayoi Kusama.

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The Psychology Book

With enough interesting information as a full-on text book, you can learn a whole lot about yourself and others from this colorful and sleek coffee table book.

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All in Good Taste

This millennial pink cover holds some tried-and-true tips for both the hostess and the guest.

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The Rose that Grew from Concrete

A collection of handwritten poems from the late and great Tupac Shakur — great for the mind and soul, and packs a visual punch on your coffee table.

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What’s your all-time favorite coffee table book? Which of these would you like to add to your own living room decor?