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4 Productivity-Killing Things You’re Wasting Time On


How to Get Sh*t Done author Erin Falconer should know a thing or two about productivity. She co-founded LeafTVwith blogger Geri Hirsch while serving as Pick The Brain‘s editor-in-chief and co-owner. To that impressive workload, she’s since added a baby and a book, which both sort-of happened simultaneously. The latter sheds light on the processes that helped her “do/have it all,” and provides insight I found surprisingly novel and even—dare I say it?—revelatory considering the breadth of books available on the topic of productivity.

Erin Falconer
How to Get Sh*t Done

Why Women Need to Stop Doing Everything so They Can Achieve Anything

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Below, Falconer shares a few things you don’t even know you’re wasting time on (and one you definitely do) along with tips for reducing the energy expended on them so that you can reallocate it to your life’s goals and, you know, get sh*t done.