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4 Ways to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home


Each time we move, we’re consumed with the thrill of creating a new space and getting settled. Moving is an excuse to redecorate, reinvent our style, and buy a few things for our homes that we’ve had our eye on for a while. Many of us have lived in a rental property—it’s a necessary part of life. As fun as the process can be, we often struggle with making our rental properties feel like home, and that’s really the end goal of all this excitement anyway. You’ve picked out the furniture and the decor, but somehow your new place doesn’t feel quite like home.

Sometimes we need a little help making these changes around the house. The holidays can put us in a frenzy with all the cooking, cleaning and travel. Maybe you have a few projects that you don’t want to fall through the cracks. It’s impossible to do everything yourself. Hire someone in your area to get a few things done that you’re not so skilled at. Get those light fixtures switched out before the New Year’s Eve soiree you’re hosting. TaskRabbit is the perfect way to get affordable, local help for handy-man type projects in real time. We’ve partnered with TaskRabbit to show you four easy, budget friendly ways to make your rental property feel like home. Use code EVERYGIRL for $15 off any task between now and January 15th!



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Lighting is an easy high impact way to update your new home, so use it to highlight your style. And the best part? You can take it with you when you leave. Invest in a new fixture to personalize your space. You might be wary of doing this on your own, and that’s OK. We hired through TaskRabbit to have some fixtures replaced for just $40 an hour. Thank you Steffon!


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Can I paint? Is always among the questions we ask our landlords. If the color scheme isn’t right, nothing will seem right. When you paint the walls, make sure you hit the baseboards and doorframes with a fresh coat, too. You’d be amazed at what a difference it makes! Maybe taking the walls from beige to a smoke gray-blue isn’t enough personalization for you or maybe you’d love to paint your doors or kitchen cabinets a different color. It never hurts to ask your landlord (and make sure you do!) if you can take it a step further.

Window Treatments

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A room with completely bare windows is never going to feel like home. Give your room a facelift and soften the space with window treatments. Find the window treatment that best compliments your space. Some windows need curtains; others are better left with blinds or shutters. A tip for curtains? Place the curtain rod a little higher than the top of the window, closer to the ceiling. This creates more space by tricking your eye into thinking the ceilings are higher than they actually are—and what rental couldn’t use that?


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Your favorite IKEA hack probably involves personalizing with hardware. Why would your home be any different? A quick change of hardware will give your kitchen and bathroom cabinets an instant update. If you love the process of personalizing your new home, take it a step further and change out your towel rods in the bathroom or say goodbye to those old brass doorknobs.

How have you made your rental property feel like home? Share with us in the comments!

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