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5 Reasons You Feel Stuck at Work


By the time you turn off your TV on a Sunday night (no Netflix, we aren’t watching anymore), you’ve already experienced it — the sinking feeling that comes with the realization that another week of responsibilities is ahead of you. The #SundayScaries have officially set in.

While it’s normal to struggle as you start growing in your job, it’s unfortunate when you become aware of the fact that you’ve seemed to stop learning altogether. Although many of us have our moments where we’re unhappy at work, there are those of us who constantly feel unfulfilled because of them. To explain why you seem to focus on the boredom at your job (instead of the benefits that come from it), here are five reasons for why you feel stuck at work.


1. You’re too comfortable

It’s no problem if your list of tasks for the day was two pages long — you’ve already marked everything off and had time to grab coffee, commit to weekend plans, and tag your best friend in another cute dog video (not sorry). Blame it on your time management skills or your five years of experience, but you’re an expert at your job and a champ at the office.

Your only downfall? Being comfortable tends to lead to being complacent. So seek chances to grow and consider picking up a side hustle — after all, a great way to improve as a person is to also do so as a professional.


2. Your skills aren’t up to date

Even though your skills landed you this job, your willingness to learn new ones is what will move you forward in it. While you don’t have to be efficient in every creative program and fluent in 2+ languages, it’s a smart idea to do research in your field of work and discover which programs and skills you can gain from. Through your determination to stay current in your capabilities, you’ll open new opportunities at work and create new chances to show them off.


3. You don’t feel connected to the company or the work

Sometimes it’s not so much what you’re doing, but how you feel when you’re doing it. Whether you’re an engineer or an entrepreneur, there’s a sense of pride that comes with finding your purpose — and being appreciated for it. With this being said, it only makes sense that you’re unmotivated at work because you’re not passionate about your role.

Although you may not be at your dream job (yet), remind yourself that you have to start somewhere. As you continue your search, change up your mindset, connect with coworkers, and look for the transitional lessons/skills in your current job that will help you thrive at your future one.


4. You’re waiting for the right time to leave

The idea of the right time is a popular explanation that feeds our excuses and comforts our fears. While it would be perfect if everything in your life aligned for you to make your move, the truth is that the right time is when you decide it is.

Regardless of what’s stopping you from leaving a work environment that you’re no longer satisfied by, you owe it to yourself to take a step back and consider the real reason for why you’re hesitating. Once you answer this, choose where you want to go from there — ultimately, life isn’t meant for settling and neither are you.


5. You don’t know what else you would rather do

At this point, you know you’re looking for a job that fits you better — but you have no idea what that would be. From not discovering your passion to not wanting to fail, your reasons for staying in your comfort zone make sense, but won’t necessarily make you successful.

Regardless of the fact that you don’t have a solid plan, take chances on yourself to create one. Discover new hobbies, connect with different professionals, and be open to various career paths. Who you are is already your greatest asset and your ability to discover roles that are compatible with that is how you’ll become the best type of professional.


Do you feel stuck at work? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!