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8 Secrets to Having a Chic & Functional Home Office

Whether you work from home or not, most of us have a semblance of a home office—the place where, in theory, we stay organized and on top of all the day to day necessities. And yet, this area can often become overlooked and very disorganized. The thing is, a clean, functional, and aesthetically pleasing office can really impact how we work and how we feel. Imagine walking into a beautiful space—it would instantly promote less stress and then actually lend itself to some productivity! A clear space = a clear mind, right?! 

If you tend to agree with us and have reached a point where you’d like to make your home office more practical and stylish, then we’ve got some great organization ideas to make the process as easy as possible.


1. First… define your home office

This is a step that often goes overlooked. But not everyone has a full room dedicated to office purposes or that room needs to play double, or sometimes triple, duty. Maybe your office is a nook in your bedroom or kitchen even! First, set some limits if you’re working with a large space, and don’t try to add furniture and things simply to fill it up. Define your zones and make a quick space plan. If you’re working in a very small space, be even more intentional about setting your boundaries.


2. Edit and refine

We can’t move forward without taking a look back through all the chaos that inevitably accumulates. So, that’s right, it’s time to purge. Empty out drawers, look through the stacks of paper, pare down the books. Make purposeful piles—keep, throw out, store away for later. Anything that bears keeping will ultimately have the perfect place (right?!), and you can label anything that needs to head to storage to be able to find it easily later.


3. Consider your storage

Once you’ve taken stock of your office necessities, you’ll be better equipped to buy the right amount of storage components. And the great thing about storage is that there are so many beautiful options now that can contribute to a more curated and thoughtful office. Pretty boxes, bins, and baskets will go a long way, giving your items a dedicated place to live in the chicest way possible. 


4. Look inside

Be wary of the “junk drawer,” and attempt to create a neat, well-organized system on the inside. Drawer inserts are life-changing and will take away the need to have everything out on display. Not to mention, it will be so much easier to find items on a whim not having to rummage around in a messy drawer.


5. Use colors and labels

To take that organization up a notch further, experts suggest color coding and lots of labels. And it makes sense. The labeling process will help keep things in place long after your initial organizing day, and having a color-coding system will not only be helpful but uplifting and energizing.


6. Conquer the desk accessories

Your desktop is where business gets done, so it’s important that it remains clear and functional. But this is also the perfect opportunity to inject a bit of style too. Consider what you need within your immediate reach and then corral similar items together. Pens, paper clips, stapler, etc. can all be housed together on top of a decorative tray that can easily move where needed. Treat your desktop like a grid, and make sure there’s space in between groupings to give yourself some breathing room. It will feel styled like a pro!


7. Tame the cords

There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful desktop and then seeing a huge jumble of cords. Using a cord wrap or cable tie to gather the wires helps prevent them from taking over your desk or even better, opt for cordless options whenever possible.


8. Get inspired

If you don’t have a lovely view, then create one! Display items that bring you joy and inspire you to be productive. Whether it’s family photos, inspirational quotes, beautiful images of travel destinations, or job-specific goals, having these things out is an easy shift in focus that will make even the smallest office area feel uplifting, personalized, and majorly charming!


How are you hoping to achieve a more organized home office?! We’d love to hear in the comments below!