Affordable Wall Sconces That Can Transform Your Room

Investing in new wall sconces is an easy way to re-vamp a room, and has the potential to completely change its feel. From minimal sconces that will compliment your already chic space, to completely eye-catching ones, we’ve rounded up our favorites for every budget.




Source: House Tweaking

Source: Allison Wong

Urban Outfitters

Matte Gumball Sconce


Urban Outfitters

Chelsea Sconce


Urban Outfitters

Industrial Sconce


Urban Outfitters

Eyeball Sconce


Urban Outfitters

Evie Sconce


Urban Outfitters

Celine Sconce


West Elm

Pelle Sconce


Urban Outfitters

Myers Sconce


Source: Studio McGee

Source: House of Jade




If you want to splurge on a pair of wall sconces for your home, here are a few we love.

  • I must be old-school. When I think of wall sconces, I imagine the fancy ones that hold candles.