At-Home Beauty Gadgets That Are Totally Worth It

There are at-home beauty treatments we all know about: masks, facial massage, exfoliators, peels—to name a few. But what about the tools that truly mimic the in-spa experience? Those are often overlooked. Maybe it’s the high price tag, maybe it’s that they aren’t talked about enough, or perhaps they’re just a mythical beast to us commoners—whatever the reason, beauty gadgets and devices that can be done at home are popping up now more than ever. While we can’t make it to any aesthetics appointments, why not invest in our skin while we’re at home?! 

Because beauty devices are quite overlooked by us normies, it’s hard to know which are actually worth the splurge. What I’ve learned from my trial and error over the years is to not waste your money on products that promise you immediate results, because you can’t get instant clear skin, a tighter jawline, and reduced wrinkles even in the chair of the best estheticians in the world. Instead, opt for products that work with your skin over time. After scraping through our own favorites, hundreds of reviews, and what our readers love, we established your ultimate guide to the best beauty gadgets on the market. 



Jade Roller

There are a lot of ways to use a jade roller—to massage your face before bed, wake you up in the AM (put in the fridge for a cooling, de-puffing massage!), over your sheet mask to help it stick to your face better, or my personal favorite, to massage serum or cream into my skin during my skincare routine. You can also use it with your gua sha stone for an uber-relaxing, spa-like facial massage.


Gua Sha Stone

Just because it doesn't vibrate or send electrical shocks through your face doesn't deem this beauty tool ineffective. Behold: quite possibly our favorite beauty tool here at The Everygirl, the gua sha stone. Gua sha refers to the act of scraping the skin with a tool to promote circulation. It's also super relaxing and contouring. Use it nightly or a few times a week to help massage and de-puff the skin. At less than $15, you cant go wrong.


Zenpy Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

The OG beauty device is making a major comeback in social isolation, y’all. Estheticians, dermatologists, facialists, and more swear by the use of a facial steamer to open up the pores and strengthen the power of the products applied on top of the skin. Rarely will a facial go by during which the esthetician doesn’t use a facial steaming device—especially if extractions are involved. While you can put your head above a pot of boiling water, investing in a facial steamer is definitely a good idea if you’re planning spa nights out the wazoo in the next few months. To pretend your Gwyenth Paltrow herself, add a couple of essential oils to the water for an extra relaxing, rejuvenating experience.


Micro-Roller .2mm

Microneedling, dermarolling—whatever you call it, we love it. Microneedling creates tiny punctures in the skin, signaling it to rejuvenate and make new skin to heal itself. It's a common treatment for scarring, stretch marks (not like you need to get rid of them, but have you seen that viral Reddit photo?!), uneven skin tone, and texture. Just because this is the least expensive product on the list doesn't mean it's ineffective. It's a .2mm roller, meaning it is good for beginners and to use on the face without excess irritation.


Ice Globes

These little ice balls are no. joke. I first experienced these in a facial a few months ago, and I've been enamored with them ever since. Pop these in the freezer, and they'll turn into little ice balls you can use to massage your face. My facialist went in circular motions, ending at the temples or going down the neck, to promote lymphatic drainage. These are also great for relieving headaches, massaging tension and knots out of your back and temples, or sinus relief when massaged around your nose.


Luna Play Plus Cleansing Device

This cleansing device has some of the makings of the Clarisonic, but it’s a little different. Instead of a natural brush-head, the Foreo devices are made of silicone, which is much easier to clean and keep sanitized after every use. Instead of moving around in circles like the Clarisonic, the Foreo Luna vibrates to massage the face while it’s cleansing all that dirt, oil, and makeup away. It’s automated to tell you when to stop scrubbing a different part of your face and is just overall a relaxing addition to your skincare routine.

Clarisonic Skincare

Mia Prima Facial Cleansing & Pore Minimizing Skincare Device

I was a Clarisonic hater for a little bit, but my opinions changed the second I tried it. I was dumb to think my bare human hands could cleanse my skin as much as this brush could. There’s a reason this product has lasted in people’s routines for decades: it just freaking works. Hard-to-remove products like heavy foundations, sunscreen, and oils need a little extra help to totally come off your face at the end of the night, and that’s where the OG spin-brush comes in handy. Whether you use it to deep-clean during a second-cleanse or as an exfoliator a few times a week, the people don’t lie: this product is absolutely worth the hype. Make sure your brush-head is sanitized often, as the brush head can harbor bacteria and overall-gross-stuff pretty easily.

Clarisonic’s Mia is a favorite for being much more affordable and does all the cleansing you really need from the tool, but if you want to be able to change out the heads (we’re talking makeup brushes, massage tools, foot scrubs, and more), upgrade to the Mia Smart.

Clarisonic Skincare

Anti-Aging + Firming 3D Face Sculptor

If you’re already a proud owner of a Clarisonic, consider upping your head game (I wish I could say this wasn’t the first time I’ve written those words in an Everygirl article) with this facial massage head. Our editor Josie is a huge fan of this, so I figured I’d let her take it away: “I had been pining after the Clarisonic massage head forever, and after finally getting it for Christmas a few years ago (thank you, Santa!), it was WELL worth the hype. I love my Gua Sha and jade roller as much as the next girl, but the Clarisonic massage head can depuff and boost glow better than any other method I've tried (and I've tried a lot). I swear, on the days when I facial massage with the Clarisonic, i look like a different person (that is: way more rested and way less puffy). Not only does it help product absorb better, but the vibrating action totally depuffs (even the puffiest of under eyes) and just feels relaxing. My only regret is not investing in it sooner (all the good skin days I missed out on!!).”


Dermaplaning Tool

Don’t have the coin to splurge on the Dermaflash but want something a little more luxe than the disposable razor you’ve had in your cabinet for far too long? I don’t blame you. This dermaplaning tool from StackedSkincare won’t rust in your bathroom, and the blades are much sharper than what you might get in a three-pack on Amazon. StackedSkincare also sells razor refills to keep your dermaplaning as sanitary as possible.


Personal Microderm

There was a time when the pinnacle of beauty treatments was microdermabrasion. Many people confuse the treatment with an intense micro-bead exfoliation; instead, it’s actually the process of rejuvenating and retexturizing the skin with a suction-like device. It removes the top layer of dead skin to reduce hyperpigmentation from acne or sun damage, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and just give the skin an overall even tone. This process wasn’t possible to recreate at home until the PMD device was introduced in 2010, taking the principles of microdermabrasion and making them pretty easy to do from your bathroom. Using a suction head (which comes in multiple different sizes), drag the device across your face. It provides a light massage while also removing dead skin. You probably won’t notice a difference immediately (except maybe a little redness), but the product works to reveal brighter, even skin over time.


Lightstim for Acne

This LED device is another one that brings the spa right into your bathroom. It uses red and blue light-therapy wavelengths to reduce and prevent acne. I know what you’re thinking: how the heck does it do that. Light therapy comes highly recommended from dermatologists because the blue light zaps acne-causing bacteria while red light soothes and heals the inflammation underneath the skin. Reviewers say the Lightstim calmed redness, healed existing acne, and prevented new spots from popping up when used daily.

Is it a magical cure-all for acne sufferers? I don’t know for sure, but it doesn’t hurt to try when compared to the price of one spa appointment.


LUXE Anti-Aging Dermaplaning Exfoliation Device

If you’ve watched those deeply satisfying videos of professional dermaplaning, you’ll get the gist of this product. It’s an at-home device that mimics the experience of in-spa dermaplaning by removing peach fuzz and exfoliating away dead skin cells and anything else sitting on top of the skin. It’s basically the older, sophisticated sister to our editors’ beloved facial razors. If you’re sick of constantly rebuying disposable face razors and want a deeper exfoliation and hair-removal, the Dermaflash will be your new go-to.


Mini Facial Toning Device

One of my favorite estheticians/brands/people TBH, Joanna Vargas swears by microcurrent in her facials. Because I can’t get to NYC or LA to get one, the NuFace will have to do! This device (in a more compact version than the OG Trinity device—also a little cheaper) uses microcurrents to stimulate the skin to promote firmness, elasticity, toning, and wrinkle and fine line reduction. Apply the gel primer (a month’s supply is included in the purchase) to one side of your face, and press the device into the face, massaging and sculpting as you go. This is one of the only products on this list that actually DOES offer an immediate result—albeit subtle—but the way it contours and lifts your face over time is where this beauty shines. Want to see it in action? Riverdale's Madelaine Petsch used this device in her Vogue Beauty Secrets tutorial (skip to 3:00!), and you can see it instantly defines her cheekbones. Consider it the perfect contouring powder, but a thousand times better than that.

NuFace recommends using the device about five times a week for the first 60 days, and then switching to three times a week after that. It only takes about five minutes to do your entire face (three swipes under your jaw and above and below the cheekbones), making it an amazing but quick self-care step to add to your morning routine. Can you tell we are *major* NuFace fans here?!


What gadgets are your favorite for an at-home glow?! Tell us in the comments!