These Are the 10 Most Popular Beach Reads of the Summer

Whether you’re spending your next Saturday lounging on your patio or hopping on a plane to spend a week on a white sand beach in Anguilla, warm weather and sunny, summer days call for an arsenal of beach reads.

There’s nothing as relaxing as sitting outside, breathing in the fresh air, and cracking open a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Whenever we finish a book we loved, we turn to Goodreads to help us find our next page-turner — they can help you find your next favorite book based on past ones you’ve loved.

We’re all about having a stack of books to have ready to read in the summer months, and we’re starting with Goodread’s Most Popular Beach Reads (according to their members). These tried-and-true books have the best reviews from Goodreads members, and all of them have the opportunity to be your favorite book of the summer.