10 Podcasts That Will Transform Your Commute

Commutes are the worst. Even if your playlist is killer and you have an incredible car-singing voice, there are only so many Whitney Houston hits you can perform down the freeway (“I Want To Dance With Somebody” is my forever jam though!). Recently, I’ve been listening to podcasts on my way to and from work, and my commutes will never be the same.

If I listen to a podcast in the morning, I’ll probably be talking about it all day. Co-workers are always impressed with my newfound knowledge about random topics, and it’s a total icebreaker during those awkward elevator rides up to the 17th floor. The great thing about podcasts is that there is one for everyone. No matter what you are interested in, there is a podcast to keep you listening! I’ve rounded up the podcasts that I have been obsessed with this summer.


If you… are up late laughing at memes on Instagram:

The Morning Breath

Claudia and Jackie Oshry are social media influencers that found their claim to fame through their meme accounts (@GirlWithNoJob and @JackieOProblems). Join them every morning as they hilariously take on the top five things you should know before you “wake up and smell your morning breath.”


If you… miss your friends dearly at work:

Lady Lovin’

Jilly Hendrix, Greta Titelman, and Lo Bosworth tackle a variety of topics from relationships and sex, to health and wellness, to business and start-ups. Authentic and open, this podcast is like the audio version of your squad’s group chat.


If you… geek over new wellness trends:

Him & Her Podcast

Lauryn Evarts (The Skinny Confidential) and Michael Bosstick cover branding, wellness, marketing, and social media. Both hosts are witty, honest, and just incredibly cool. I totally credit my love for wellness trends to Lauryn. (Ice Rolling has changed my makeup game people!)


If you… have to have a good laugh before that 10 AM meeting:

Betch Slapped by the Betches

Listen as Jordana and Samantha, authors and owners of Betches, cover riveting pop culture topics, play games of “Would You Rather,” and answer “Dear Betch” advice questions. I’m not going to lie, this podcast has made me laugh out loud numerous times in a crowded Metro. Their Bachelor(ette) recaps are EVERYTHING to me.


If you… want finance advice that actually applies to your life:

The Simple Sophisticate

Inspired by her blog, The Simple Luxurious Life, Shannon Ables shares with her listeners on how to live a refined life on an everyday income. From preparing a memorable meal to traveling the world, Shannon breaks it down step by step.


If you… are guilty of dozing off on the subway:


Creepy and eerily interesting, Lore is perfect for long drives with no company. This podcast covers strange, dark historical anecdotes that we’ve forgotten about. So scary, so freaking good.


If you… love collecting random tidbits of information:

Crash On My Couch

Listen as Youtube stars Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire ramble about everything you need to know in your twenties. From conspiracy theories to relationship questions, this media power couple tackles it all.


If you… love a good British best friend duo:

The High Low

Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes present weekly pop-culture updates in charming authentic British accents. What more could you want?


If you… need some badass business inspo:

Goal Digger With Jenna Kutcher

This is the best live-workshop style business podcast for creative girl bosses, so you can train from the experts on how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along the way.


If you… are guilty of Youtube-ing late-night celebrity interviews for a laugh:

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Funny and fresh, Anna Faris’s podcast is full of bad relationship advice and quirky stories of her past. Also, celebrities interviewing other celebrities might be my new favorite thing.


Did I forget your favorite podcast? Let me know so I don’t get major podcast FOMO.


This post was originally published on July 26, 2017.

  • just add the simple sophisticate to my podcast listening list! I love off the vine and the lady gang =o)


  • Katie Jurina

    Another one to add to the list: That’s So Retrograde. Informative, irreverent and hilarious look at wellness trends.

  • Ashley

    I just stared listening to “My Favorite Murder” with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark and I’m obsessed with it. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys true crime stories and dry senses of humor.


  • Ashley Spears

    I would also add Two Dope Queens!!!! Ya’ll Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are the best and the podcast is the audio from the comedy show they host. Most of the shows are in New York but they’ve also done shows in DC and in LA. These dope queens usually have 3 comic doing a short set and sometimes a surprise celeb guest. Phoebe and Jessica have a great chemistry and their banter as the hosts is awesome. Idefinitely LOLed on my train commute every time I listen to an episode.

    • mariah

      They are definitely on top of my list! Funny and awesome!

  • Yes! I need all of these. Thanks for sharing.

  • Laura

    This list is far too white.

  • danielle epherson

    The Read is also a hilarious podcast for updates on pop culture, and what’s going on in the world!

    • Mariah c hampton

      The read is funny and great for updates on pop, black and when you need someone to rant for you! Also their advice is on point and 100% honest!

  • Joanna Rekik

    You just made my day with those recommendations! Will add most of them to my list 🙂

    I also love the new podcast of Cassey Ho (founder of Blogilates) & Lisa Bilyeu, Sheroic. It reminds me of late-night discussions which I used to have with my BFFs back in my home country. It’s interesting, often hilarious and brings back the good old times 🙂

  • Stacy

    All of these podcast are by white women. How about Another Round? Still Processing? Call Your Girlfriend?

    • Stacy

      2 Dope Queens? Sooo Many White Guys?

    • Alicia

      Yes I love Still Processing – they are New York Times writers who cover entertainment, politics, music, art, race, everything!

    • Barbara

      Myleik Teele, Hashtags and Stilettos

    • The Everygirl

      Hi Stacy, We love Call Your Girlfriend (we wrote about it a bit on our previous podcast list here: http://theeverygirl.com/10-podcasts-to-improve-your-commute/) and will 100% check out your other recommendations!

  • Claire

    So just a heads up – the Oshry sisters’ mom is Pamela Geller, the co-founder of an anti-Muslim hate group called Stop Islamization of America. This fact kind of lends some context to their support of Trump and similar political figures. Everyone’s free to listen to whatever they want, obviously, but I thought I’d point it out for the sake of those who don’t want to support that type of schtick.

    source: https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/extremist-files/individual/pamela-geller

  • Lan | MoreStomach

    Nancy and 2 Dope Queens are my current favorites, and Potterotica is a serious guilty pleasure.

  • Mariah c hampton

    Definitely need to add some women and men of color on this list. There are great podcasts that should be highlighted for women empowerment and honest advice. But thanks for turning me onto Betch slapped, they sound great!

  • I love podcasts and I always listen to one on my commute. Until now I have mainly listened to Swedish podcasts but I am absolutely going to check these ones out. An other favourite is Fashion No Filter by Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley 🙂

  • KB

    I really enjoy the NPR podcast “How I Built This”, interviews with entrepreneurs/self-made successes of brands you’d recognize. It may sound dry but it’s actually super interesting. If nothing else, check out the first podcast with the founder of Spanx. She’s a hoot!

  • jada

    I have been loving podcast lately! For sure going to add some new ones to my list!


  • Katrina Steffensen

    This is honestly an amazing list and THANK you so much for sharing! I didn’t have any of these and I’m always on the hunt for more!

  • Jem

    I go through podcast waves, in the current rotation i’m enjoying Pardon my French with Garance Dore, Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin and Let it Out with Katie Dalebout. Dear Sugars is all ways up there on the list, and my number one is the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey (faith based).

  • So many great podcasts… I’ll just share a few of my absolute faves here. 🙂 Code Switch; Criminal; Reveal; Embedded; Stuff Mom Never Told You; Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!; also two brand-new podcasts worth checking out are The Stoop and Constitutional. I subscribe to 56 podcasts and I’ve only heard of one of the podcasts on this list (Lore), so thanks for the inspiration! [As if I need to subscribe to any more…. ;)]

  • London Idyll

    My hands down favourite podcast is the amazing, self-care oriented Baggage Reclaim Sessions, by Londoner Natalie Lue. I’ve recommended it to so many people because it honestly helped change my life. If you need help shifting your perspectives on relationships, self esteem and emotional availability then this one is definitely for you! Also she makes me laugh, which is always a good thing… http://www.baggagereclaim.co.uk/the-baggage-reclaim-sessions-podcast/

  • Thefullcolorlife

    Manrepeller!!!!!!! https://thefullcolorlife.co

  • Shantallah A. Hagerman

    People of Color make podcasts, too! Myleik Teele Podcast, Another Round, The Baesics…

  • donna w.

    Definitely checking out Lady Lovin’!

    My favourite podcasts:

    NPR’s How I Built This
    Pardon My French
    The Lady Gang (Just started listening this week after a friend raved it!)
    Ear Hustle (Another new favourite recommended by a friend)

    Happy listening!