The Most Comfortable Walking Shoes on the Internet

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Source: Madewell

It’s a lesson we’ve probably all learned one too many times: Nothing can ruin a day as quickly as being stuck in an uncomfortable pair of shoes with your feet begging you not to go on. The comfort of your shoes can make or break any plan you make. Whether you’re planning a trip that’s going to include exploring or are just taking yourself out on the town for a day, having a good pair of walking shoes in your closet is an absolute must.

To be out and about all day and remain comfortable and blister-free, you don’t need to turn to your mom’s Sketchers Shape Ups or even your exercise-specific sneakers. Whether you want a sandal you can walk in all day or need a pair of sneakers to pack in your suitcase, there are options that will keep your feet happy without affecting your style.

For days you need your most comfortable shoes, these are hands-down the best options—no emergency blister Band-Aids needed.







Women's Wool Runners

10+ colors available


2630 Cotu Sneaker

2 colors available


The Sneaker

10+ colors available


The Lace Up Sneaker

8 colors available


Clifton 8 Running Shoe

3 colors available


Revel 4 Hybrid Shoes

4 colors available


Waffle One

5 colors available