The Single Purchase That Made Me Actually Want To Sit At My Desk All Day

I was *SHOOK* when I realized what changed

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I hate to do this, but take a moment to flashback to March 2020 with me. I had just been told I’d be working from home for the foreseeable future, I had no home office setup to speak of, and was working from a combination of my couch and bed every day. Sound familiar? Well, when I finally set up a home office—after it became abundantly clear working from home was going to be my new normal—I chose a desk and chair that were more cute than comfortable.

For awhile, that was fine, but I soon noticed that I actually didn’t spend a lot of time at my desk. Instead, I hotdesked around my apartment like I was at a fancy tech startup in Silicon Valley, when in reality I was working my same editorial job from my small apartment in Los Angeles. I’d start out my days at my desk, but either I’d be forced to migrate to the dining table or living room for meetings when they clashed with my husband’s schedule or I’d pop a squat on the couch for lunch and not spare my desk another glance for the rest of the day.

This went on for two years. TWO. YEARS. However, all things must come to an end. So when it came time to move into my new house and set up the office, I also decided to upgrade my workspace. This time, I went the complete opposite route I chose in March 2020. I chose a standing desk, an ergonomic chair, and splurged on an under-desk treadmill to boot. It was only after I spent the first month sitting at my new desk for eight hours a day that I realized I was no longer masquerading as a coder in San Francisco. No, I was sitting at my desk for the entire workday. Readers, I finally own a chair that’s comfortable enough to sit in for a full workday, and I’m here to spread the good word about Branch Furniture’s Ergonomic Chair.


The Chair

Branch Furniture

Ergonomic Chair

The Ergonomic Chair offers exceptional support throughout your entire work day (and beyond, if you find yourself burning the midnight oil). It also features firm lumbar support and a contoured upper backrest to support healthy posture.


Why I Love It

The old Garri would balk at spending this much money on an ergonomic chair that did little to add to the overall aesthetic of the room. However, we spend so much time sitting at our desks that investing in equipment that is actively good for your health is a no-brainer. Luckily, you don’t always have to sacrifice design in favor of ergonomics. In my search for the perfect desk chair, this one from Branch stood out because its sleek design, while not what I would typically go for aesthetically, offers the support my body needs throughout the day while also going seamlessly with the rest of the room’s decor.



Speaking of that support, the Branch chair is quite honestly the most comfortable desk chair I’ve ever sat in. My back hurts less, my posture is better, and I find myself able to sit at my desk for an entire workday without devolving into a position that would cause spinal doctors to sweat with worry. After more than three months of use, my body feels so rejuvenated.

The biggest indicator for me is that I no longer dread sitting at my desk and look for any and every excuse to sit elsewhere. Instead, when given other options, I’m most comfortable sitting on the Branch chair. If you asked me a year ago where I’d prefer to sit during the workday, I’d have told you my bed or the couch. Today, that answer is my desk and I truly can’t believe it.


Why Other Everygirl’s Love It

I get it: the word of just one person isn’t always enough to be trusted when it comes to a review like this. But I’m not alone in my love for the Branch Furniture Ergonomic Chair. After I got my chair and started raving about it, two of my coworkers got one for their own work-from-home setups. Here’s what they had to say:

“I spend a lot of time in my home office (probably more than anywhere else in my house) and after too many months with a not-so-great chair I finally upgraded to Branch (per the recommendation from several coworkers). And not surprisingly, I love it! It’s comfortable, supportive, and looks good in my office which is a room everyone passes as the enter my house (I went for the gray/white combo which I love). It is absolutely worth the investment to have a good office chairyou deserve to be comfortable while you work.”—Amanda, Senior Brand Partnerships Manager



“The importance of using an ergonomic chair is something I wish I had learned sooner in my career. I spend most of my day in a chair designing or illustrating. Over time, I started to notice I was getting pain in various areas once the workday was over. That being said, I decided to give the Branch chair a go, and I will never go back. Not only is my new desk chair the most comfortable chair I have ever used but I particularly love the armrests that offer support when drawing for hours on end. 10/10 would recommend the Branch Ergonomic Chair to anyone in the market for an upgrade.”—Kirra, Graphic Designer


Branch Furniture

Ergonomic Chair

The Ergonomic Chair offers exceptional support throughout your entire work day (and beyond, if you find yourself burning the midnight oil). It also features firm lumbar support and a contoured upper backrest to support healthy posture.


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