15 Affordable Amazon Finds That Look Expensive AF

2020 was a disappointing year for a multitude of reasons but, for me, the cherry on top was blindly hopping into the passenger seat of my sister’s car and absolutely crushing my designer sunglasses. As I picked up the pieces and stared back at my distorted reflection in the shattered lens, I (once again) muttered to myself, “This is why we can’t have nice things.” After that rather humbling experience and a quick evaluation of my current financial status, I decided that searching for dupes and affordable items that look expensive would be my new vocation.

I dismally hopped on Amazon to find a replacement, perked up at the surprisingly chic selection, and added a pair to my cart that seemed on-trend, sturdy, and well-rated. And, my friends, let me tell you: I get more compliments on my $12.99 Amazon sunglasses than I ever did on my costly designer pair. There’s nothing more satisfying or flattering than getting recognition for items that you scored on a budget and, for that reason, I’ll be snatching up all of these inexpensive Amazon fashion finds that look pricey AF.



Cuff Earrings

3 colors available


Turtleneck Dress

16 colors available

Ant Expedition

Quilted Crossbody Bag

2 colors available


Shoulder Tote

39 colors available


Rectangle Sunglasses

8 colors available


Crossbody Bag

2 colors available


Pendant Necklace

2 colors available


Racerback Crop Tank

15 colors available


Retro Clutch

13 colors available


Dome Ring

2 colors available


Pattern Knit Sweater Vest

9 colors available

The Drop

Faux Leather Shacket

2 colors available

The Drop

Ribbed Pullover Sweater

4 colors available


Ribbed Knit Crop Tank

14 colors available


Square Sunglasses

11 colors available