I Can’t Open TikTok Without Seeing This Color-Changing Sunscreen—Here’s My Honest Review


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If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that the second it’s warm outside, I’m steering clear of any remotely heavy, full-coverage foundation. Not only does spring inspire me to fully embrace no-makeup makeup, but as skincare-focused bases continue to trend, I’ve grown to love tinted moisturizers and sunscreens. I love a multi-purpose product, especially an SPF that doubles as a foundation.

For the past few years, my ride-or-die sunscreen has been Supergoop’s Glow Screen, but I kept seeing an inescapable, color-changing SPF pop up on my For You Page that made me question whether or not I needed to make a switch. Enter: Colorescience’s Sunforgettable Face Shield Flex.

How it works

Colorescience’s Sunforgettable Face Shield has been having a moment on TikTok and is being touted as a game-changing, color-adapting sunscreen that blends to perfectly match your skin tone. Not only does it contain SPF 50 (just a little higher than Supergoop’s Glow Screen at SPF 40), but it also offers medium, buildable coverage similar to that of a foundation. The mineral sunscreen comes out white, but as you buff the product onto your skin, encapsulated pigments are activated and released to match your skin tone.

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SPF is the last step in my morning skincare routine, and I apply the product by placing it on my fingers and rubbing it onto my face with my hands. I avoid placing the pump directly on my face so I don’t transfer any bacteria that’s on my face to the tube. The product definitely comes out white, but with some gentle blending, it instantly turns a light-medium shade that matches my skin tone perfectly.


I’d describe this product as having a medium-buildable coverage. It’s far from full coverage, but a single layer manages to even out my skin tone and blur imperfections, which goes beyond what I’d expect out of a tinted sunscreen. I prefer a single, thin layer of product, but since the product is buildable, you can let the first layer dry, then add another layer for extra coverage when needed.

How it wears

As long as I stick to my preferred single layer, this SPF feels like I’m wearing nothing at all, and gives me coverage all day without feeling like I have foundation on. With that said, I do feel this product sits on top of my skin like an SPF rather than truly sinking in like a moisturizer does. Just like all SPF products, if you’re using it as your sun protection, you technically need to re-apply it every two hours.

Shade range

Colorescience offers four shades: fair, medium, tan, and deep. While this does encompass many skin tones and undertones, the deepest shade definitely isn’t deep enough—something that’s often talked about on TikTok. The active mineral SPF ingredients the brand uses are very white and opaque, and per their website’s FAQs, they’re working to expand the shade range.


At $54, the cost of this SPF is a little steep for me personally. It’s the most expensive sunscreen I’ve ever used, especially when you compare the price to competitors like Supergoop’s Glow Screen or Summer Friday’s Shade Drops ($38 and $36, respectively). The SPF is higher than all of those, however, and there’s a bit more product as well. (A bottle of Face Shield Flex is 55 milliliters, while the competitors are only 50 milliliters.) Regardless, this is a splurge for sure. Due to the price (and still having other sunscreens to finish), I wear Face Shield Flex around once or twice a week and reach for my regular sunscreen the rest of the week.

The final verdict

It’s vital to wear SPF daily, and I’m religious about applying it every single morning. For days when I’m out and about or have Zoom meetings, this product is fantastic. I could wear it alone to look a little more alive, but more often than not, I’ll add a little bit of liquid bronzer and concealer for a subtle glow and perfect everyday makeup. I love it as a foundation swap for everyday looks and can’t wait to use it all spring and summer; however, I personally don’t reach for this every single day. This is a foundation swap for me, and as a WFH girlie, I just don’t have the need to put on makeup every day. I want to make my bottle last!

TL;DR: If it’s in your budget, I would absolutely say this SPF lives up to the hype. It’s viral for a reason—it covers my imperfections, gives me a healthy-looking glow, and feels great once it’s on. Also, a mineral sunscreen that doesn’t give a hint of white cast is a winner in my book. However, the limited shade range is disappointing, and I’m looking forward to seeing them expand it.

If you’re looking for a medium-coverage and lightweight foundation for spring and summer, I recommend going for this SPF instead. Your skin will thank you.