Albany Hayes

Sales & Operations Associate
Named after the capital of New York, and as legend tells it, where her parents first met, Albany has been serving as an executive assistant to the Director of Human Resources, Chief of Sales, and the Chief Executive Officer and Owner of The Everygirl Media Group since June 2022. In her role as Sales and Operations Associate, Albany supports the leadership and brand partnerships team, serving as the primary point of contact for clients and prospects, and manages the office headquarters in Chicago.
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Education: University of Texas at San Antonio
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Beyond her corporate role, Albany is a content creator and coordinator who collaborates with brands and businesses, particularly those owned by women or people of color, to enhance their reach and visibility in the world. Guided by her passion for supporting aspiring entrepreneurs, educators, and enthusiasts, Albany focuses on purpose-driven work within the local community to help them start, scale, and increase brand awareness through product promotion, project management, and event planning. With over nine years of experience cultivating corporate-client relationships through marketing and event planning, Albany also brings eight years of combined experience in executive and administrative assistance across corporate and creative industries.


With nine years of experience in corporate communications, marketing, and events and six years of managerial and supervisory support, Albany collectively holds a 15-year track record of dedication to her company, colleagues, and clients that draws from her diverse experience in fast-paced retail, corporate, marketing, and media settings. Apart from her professional pursuits, Albany is driven by a deep-rooted ambition to empower others by encouraging them to live the life they love and to live it well for themselves, within their homes, and with those they share it with.

Fun Stuff

Albany possesses a penchant for Pinterest, Pilates, Pinot Grigio, podcasts, poems, puns, ponzu sauce, and plane tickets, and apparently has an affinity for the letter “P.” She also has a soft spot for local spots and small shops. When not home in a matching loungewear set, Albany enjoys her big city life, exploring her community and embracing all it offers. You will often find her attending various events and indulging in a variety of activities, including, but not limited to, new restaurant openings, museum hopping, or browsing bookstores. If she’s not at a Chicago coffee shop sipping anything matcha or in a record store collecting more vinyl, she might be road-tripping across the country or staying close to home, visiting her close-knit family in St. Louis, or catching the first-midnight showing of the latest Disney or Marvel movie in theaters.

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