Arianna Reardon

Contributing Writer
Arianna is a Rhode Island native, professional blogger, and freelance writer. She’s passionate about helping women develop healthy relationships with money, become financially independent, and invest in themselves for the future. Arianna is a firm believer in going after what you want, taking time to stop and smell the roses, and the importance of a good cocktail.
  • Location: Rhode Island
  • Education: Community College of Rhode Island


For as long as she can remember, Arianna has always been adamant about being independent and making her own money. After being rear-ended by a drunk driver and sustaining permanent neck and shoulder injuries in 2017, she suddenly had to make a career change and decided to embrace her love of writing by creating her own blog. Her accident made her understand how vital it is to have your finances in order, so she now inspires readers to take charge of their finances through fun, fresh, and creative content.


Arianna has always considered herself a creative soul, and after traveling around North America with different sponsors and affiliates for fitness expos, building up a small following on social media, and launching her YouTube channel, she began pursuing her dream of becoming a professional wrestler in 2016. After her car accident in 2017, she turned to a passion she’s always had: writing and designing her own blog. Now, she blogs professionally, writes for The Everygirl’s finance section, and can’t imagine a world in which she isn’t writing.

Fun Stuff

Arianna feels most at home when she’s in the ocean, which she attributes to a combination of being born and bred in The Ocean State and her rising Aquarius energy. She’s a summer girl through and through, loves to read, could eat pasta for every meal, is obsessed with the color light pink, and has weekly Sunday dinners with her family. Her biggest unusual surprising skill is being able to tell time by the sun.

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