Katherine Chang

Wellness Staff Writer
Katherine has been writing for The Everygirl since 2018 and became a Wellness Staff Writer in 2022. She ideates and writes wellness content and reports on expert-driven data on various topics, including fitness, mental and physical health, nutrition, self-care, and sleep, to inspire open dialogue and help make healthy living attainable for all women.
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Education: University of California Los Angeles
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It was through Katherine’s experience writing her first piece for The Everygirl, “What It’s Like Living with Crohn’s,” that she discovered her love—and knack—for writing. Choosing to take a homeopathic approach to manage her symptoms and feel her best, she’s been researching natural remedies and wellness practices like it’s her job ever since she was diagnosed in 2015. Determined to help other women live their healthiest, best lives, Katherine navigates the latest wellness trends and topics through studies, articles, social media, and podcasts, always first in line to try them firsthand in the name of well-being.


After pursuing fashion styling and blogging, Katherine felt a strong pull to foster her passion for writing. She found her way to The Everygirl as a contributing wellness writer before becoming a Wellness Staff Writer in 2022. Katherine brainstorms, pitches, and writes wellness content, and with the help of medical professionals, fitness experts, and nutritionists, shares research-based information to inform and empower The Everygirl audience.

Fun Stuff

When she’s not trying out the latest wellness hack and fine-tuning her self-care routine, she’s spending quality time with her husband, daughter, and wiener dog Rex (and trying to squeeze in Gilmore Girls and Friends reruns).

She can’t resist “healthifying” her favorite treats, but she’s also known not to pass up any peanut butter and chocolate combo. On any given weekend, chances are you’ll find her at a coffee shop with a matcha latte in hand or perusing the aisles of Erewhon with her little one in tow.

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