Kiersten Hickman

Contributing Entertainment Writer
Kiersten Hickman is a freelance journalist and content strategist, covering a variety of topics in the food, health, and lifestyle categories. Her work has been published by Reader's Digest, Taste of Home, Clean Plates, EatingWell, Eat This, Not That!, Bustle, Stacker, and more. She also writes Forkful, a weekly essay on Substack debunking diet culture myths, and is in the process of publishing her first novel.
  • Location: Brooklyn, New York
  • Education: DePaul University


Devouring an entire novel in a weekend is pretty much the norm for Kiersten. She reads a lot and never turns her nose away from a book. Whether it be the latest trendy book club read, a smutty fantasy series, or a historical fiction adventure, she’s always up for diving into the pages…and has a lot to say about it. She is also a writer of prose herself and is self-publishing her debut novel Safe Harbor, the first in a young adult contemporary trilogy, under the pen name K.Sinko.


Kiersten holds a Master’s in Journalism from DePaul University, where she specifically focused on multimedia journalism and graphic design. She managed the social media for Hearst before taking on her role as a Social Media Editor at Reader’s Digest. From there she was able to build herself as an invaluable content creator, from writing articles to creating social posts and graphics, moving to a Senior Editor role at Eat This, Not That! before taking the leap to work for herself.

Fun Stuff

In her humble opinion, a picnic is always a good idea. Especially if it involves a can of kombucha, a personal charcuterie board, and a really, really good book.

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