Nyla Montanez

Social Media Editor

Nyla was born in Manila, Philippines in 1989, as her parents were immigrating from Thailand to the U.S. Many years later, she met her husband in San Antonio, Texas and together they created a family with two kids and a Yorkie. With 15+ years in the customer service industry and a background in fashion merchandising/management, food influencing, and social media, she is happiest when she is able to share a little piece of her everyday life with others. As Social Media Editor for The Everymom, she handles all-things social media for the brand. 

  • Location: SAN ANTONIO, TX
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Nyla always wanted to become a young mama. In 2012, her son was born while she was finishing up her last year of college. The journey from motherhood to becoming an aspiring, career-driven woman was challenging but rewarding. She loves being transparent about parenthood and enjoys inspiring other women to do it all because there are no limits—and there is a HUGE community who gets you.


Nyla has always been an avid user of social media and passionate about storytelling in innovative ways. After college, she started working as a personal stylist for J.Crew and Madewell and later worked as a brand training lead and in HR recruiting for the brands. Always looking to develop professionally, she later became a client account/social manager for a small, private-owned dental office. Craving the freedom to be more creative, she found another opportunity in the home staging industry and there she began developing her career as a social media strategist/creator/manager.

However, Nyla’s goal was to continue to level up professionally and work for a company whose core values align with her own. Throughout the years, The Everygirl and The Everymom has helped inspire and motivate her. And now, she is beyond grateful to be part of a team with so many innovative women.

Nyla has a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising & Management from The Art Institute of Austin.

Fun Stuff

When Nyla isn’t juggling all of her kids’ extracurricular activities along with her own self-care routines, you can catch her stuffing her face at the newest restaurants in town while keeping up with her Yelp elite status, supporting local coffee shops, or watching a rom-com or a reality TV show. She loves staying physically active and is really into dancing—so you can catch her at a hip-hop zumba class or a random community class that incorporates some sort of dance. She loves keeping up with the latest fashion and interior trends, but is a savvy budget shopper.

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