Steph Alleva Cornell

Branded Content Editor

Steph was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Texas at a young age, where she quickly discovered a love for writing as she learned English. With about six years of marketing and content production experience, she is happiest when she is capturing life’s everyday moments creatively. As Branded Content Editor at The Everymom, she combines these passions to produce authentic editorial and social content for our sponsors and ensures that our brand values and reader’s interests are prioritized.

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Since becoming a young mama in 2020, Steph has found joy in creating beautiful yet relatable content surrounding the raw realities of motherhood. She believes showcasing both the wonders and struggles of being a parent helps other mothers understand that they are not alone in their journey.


Steph has been passionate about creative storytelling dating back to her teenage years as editor-in-chief of her high school newspaper. Shortly after starting college, she decided to turn her love for written and visual artistry into a career by developing further skills in digital marketing and leveraging her content creation talents for brands both big and small. Throughout her professional experience, she has done marketing work within the interior design, wedding, and health industries. However, Steph’s ultimate goal was to combine her editorial, marketing, and digital production experience at a woman-owned, women-led company that also embodies her own personal values. And, after several years of being an avid reader and admirer of both The Everygirl and The Everymom, she is living her dream by being part of The Everymom team.

Steph has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication & Technology from University of North Texas at Dallas.

Fun Stuff

When she’s not taking pictures of her two kiddos, you can find Steph reading romance fantasy novels on her Kindle or giggling at her phone while she scrolls through TikTok. Her preferred form of self care is taking solo drives with the windows down, iced coffee in hand, and music blasting through her speakers. The dessert she’s always craving is Puerto Rican pastelillos de guayaba, and every time her family visits from the island they make sure to bring her a full pastry box.

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