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This Is How a Wellness Expert Decorates Her Ultra-Calming Office

we feel more zen just looking at it.

Is there anything Dana Kofsky can’t do? Not only can she help you completely redesign your life to fit your goals, she can also create one heck of a gorgeous workspace. As a Wellness Stylist, it was important to Dana that her office be a comfortable, inviting space for consultation, relaxation, and collaboration. The result? A perfectly open, welcoming space for her company, Wellness Styled. Here, she tells us about the design of her office, the steps she’s taken in her career, and (bonus!) the wellness styling advice we all need to hear.


Name: Dana Kofsky, owner of Wellness Styled
Age: 37
City: Los Angeles
Square Footage: 1,700
Rent or Own: Own
Years In This Office: 8


What was your first job, and how did you land it?


I actually had many jobs prior to owning my own business. From a hair stylist to a personal assistant. I followed my passion and created a business that allows me to live it every day. I love helping people and styling my clients’ wellness so that they can live optimally and feel and look their best!


How did you become a Wellness Stylist? Is it what you always wanted to do?


It was a long journey for me. In college, I developed an eating disorder and struggled with having a healthy relationship with food and exercise. It was very imbalanced for me. Through my recovery, I discovered my passion for the wellness world and coaching. I wanted to be able to help others develop a healthy relationship with food and wellness, so I started my company to do just that!



Share with us the day-to-day aspects of your job. What does your typical workday look like?


Each day is different for me which I really enjoy. It’s so fun being able to work with many different types of people but who all share similar intentions. I LOVE going to work. There are some days where I work from home because I have phone, Skype, or Facetime calls. Some days I am on location with clients traveling to movie sets, offices, or homes. There are days where I am in my office or have a combination.

I average about six clients a day giving myself a small break in between to answer emails or texts from clients. It’s important for to be there and support my clients. Shifting habits can feel lonely so it’s imperative that my clients know that they have me there with them through their wellness journey.


Not everyone can be lucky enough to have a personal one-on-one consultation with you. For those who would love your help, do you have any generalized advice to anyone wanting to really take charge of their health?


Absolutely! Stay present to the process. Most people come in with the “diet” mentality and want a quick fix. It’s not a magic wand that gets waved over you and things change. You put in the work in order to see the change. To feel optimal you practice making optimal choices. Let’s take nutrition as an example. If someone wants to release weight and they know certain foods are not optimal for that goal, don’t look at it like “I can’t have something,” look at all the other options you can have!! Perspective is everything when it comes to wellness. How you see yourself is how you will show up. Shift your perspective and change your life!



Your job is unique, and one would think your office space would, therefore, require unique attributes. When searching for an office space, what did you look for? What features were important to you?


It’s all about creating a space that was cool and welcoming. Something bright and comfortable. I wanted to create an environment that people felt good in and wanted to be in.


What was the first thing you did upon acquiring the space? Any remodeling?

Yes, I actually renovated the space from ceiling to floor. I took the cottage cheese ceilings off, put in hardwood floors, and had custom furniture made.



The vibe of the space is SO relaxing — how did you achieve this?


White walls were the best part of this. If you have a basic foundation you can build off it. Everything else became an accent. The first thing I had in my home office was the light fixture. That was used as the inspiration for the rest of the room.



What do you hope clients and friends gather from a visit to your office? Additionally, what do YOU hope to feel when in your office?


I want clients to love being in my space as much as I do. Wellness is a very personal journey so I want my clients to feel comfortable. Being able to create a space that people want to be in allows them to open up more because they feel safe. The work I do and the space I get to do it in makes me feel amazing! I feel inspired, happy, and full of gratitude to work in such a beautiful environment.


Did you have any help designing your office, or was it all you?


Decorating was not something I was educated in, so I chose to work with an interior designer to make sure my vibe got reflected in the room. It took some time but we were finally able to create the room I wanted!



Where do you like to shop for furniture and decor?


Tumbleweed and Dandelion in Venice, CA. I also really like West Elm!


How would you describe your decorating style?


Organic, cool, effortless with a boho-chic vibe!



What advice would you give to your 23-year-old self?


Keep doing what you’re doing! At the time I didn’t realize I was exactly where I was supposed to be. All my choices led me to a career that and a life that I LOVE so I must have been doing something right.



Dana Kofsky is The Everygirl…

Food guilty pleasure?
Fried Brussel Sprouts

Last show you binged on Netflix?

Favorite app on your phone?
Instagram. Connecting with and helping others through social media is such a large part of what I do!

If you could have lunch with any woman, who would it be and why?
Oprah Winfrey! She is one of the most passionate women. Her success is outstanding and her generosity is inspiring. I would love to be able to sit across the table from her and hear her story and how she became the powerhouse she is today! It’s women like her that set the bar very high and show the world that EVERYTHING is possible.