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10 Designers Share the Color They Are Most Excited to Decorate With This Year

Whether you fall into the bolder is better camp or you’re an ardent neutrals devotee, it can be difficult to embrace a brand-new color when it comes to home decor, and even harder to know which colors you should consider. But designers do this kind of thing professionally, and understand colors and decor trends better than anyone, so who better to turn to for the inside scoop?

Maybe you’re looking to be a bit more inspired by your own space, maybe you need a new project this year, or maybe you’re just not sure how to decide which colors you should consider for future projects. Regardless of the reason, it sounds like you could use a little advice, right? Us too.

Read on for 10 designers’ thoughts on which color they’re particularly excited about working with this year—and what it is about it that makes it special.


1. Orange


Orange is my color this year. I am loving a few different hues of orange this year including clay, terra cotta, rust, and a great paint color called “Burnt Caramel” by Benjamin Moore. I find that rich and earthy tones of orange are extremely dynamic in my design projects. For instance, in a current project I am doing, I am pairing an awesome Jonathan Adler chaise lounge with this very cool coffee table that is covered by an old, very colorful Moroccan rug, on incredible Mafi wood flooring, in front of a black ceramic tiled fireplace, and next to a wicked army green lacquered wet bar with brass hardware. I can also use this earthy color family in a very mellow, calm, and modern bedroom as a minimal pop. It just works. I also think orange is timeless. I mean, think of Hermes—orange is not going anywhere.

— Nina Grauer, founder of Nina Grauer Interiors



2. Vermillion


Lately, I’ve been gravitating toward vermillion, a punchy orangish-red. This could be a response to what feels like several years of more muted hues taking the center stage of almost every aesthetic trend, though I suspect it also has something to do with craving adventure! Being stuck in one spot is relaxing enough, and incorporating this color summons a sense of drama and excitement.

— Caitlin Murray, founder and creative director of Black Lacquer Design



3. Muted, Sage Green


Green is such a versatile color and can be done in many different shades, but for 2020 we’re excited about decorating with muted, sage greens. We like that it can be used effortlessly in both masculine and feminine and traditional and modern spaces. There are no limitations for this fresh, organic color!

— Bria Hammel, principal designer and CEO at Bria Hammel Interiors



4. Natural Tones


Usually I’m attracted to bright, bold, deep, and dark colors. But this year, I’ve been gravitating towards natural, tone-on-tone, or white-on-white palettes—”Creamy White” by Benjamin Moore is one of my current favorites. I’m painting the ceiling, trim, and walls all the same neutral color in a lot of my current projects and I am digging how sophisticated it looks.

— Jade Joyner, co-founder and principal designer at Metal + Petal



5. Persimmon 


I’m really loving the color persimmon right now. Benjamin Moore’s “Persimmon 2088-40” is a perfect shade. What I love about the color is that it’s unique—not quite pink, not quite coral, and not quite orange. It seems to have a friendlier undertone that gets along well with blues, greens, warm tones, and cool tones. I feel like we’ve been doing so much navy that many of us already have that color in our home and adding persimmon into the mix spices it up (pun intended). I love how it brings in feelings of floral blooms, warmer weather and happiness… something we could all use right now!

— Amy Leferink, owner and principal designer at Interior Impressions



6. Blush and Coral


Lately, I’ve been incorporating a mix of blush and coral into my projects. I love how effortlessly coral blends with warmer palettes like navy or emerald green, but still makes an impact with softer hues like Lomé blush, lavender, and grey.

— Abbe Fenimore, founder and principal designer at Studio Ten 25



7. Rust


We love incorporating the boldest of neutrals in our designs: rust. As an organic color seen throughout nature, it never feels out of place and complements almost all design styles. We often use rust alongside its fellow earthy neutrals, but we also love balancing it out with a soft delicate color, like blush, just as much. If you’re looking for a way to go bold in a “safe” way, rust colored seating is a great choice. It adds an unexpected element to the room, while its earthy tone gives off a welcoming warmth.

— Renee DiSanto and Christina Samatas, founders of Park & Oak Interior Design



8. Mossy Green

I’m especially fond of green interiors. Nothing too bright, though. I am more interested in the range of earthy and muted; a lovely moss green is perhaps one of my favorites. It’s sophisticated, yet soothing.

—Stefani Stein, founder of Stefani Stein, Inc.



9. Rust Shades

I am incredibly fond of rust shades and browns and am very excited to incorporate these into my designs this year. There’s something to be said about a neutral palette that has some depth and levels behind it. Browns and rusts are slightly muted and organic feeling, but can also add a pop and a sense of warmth to an interior and can be paired with various elements, including an all-white canvas (walls, furniture, etc.), or can be used on a larger scale throughout various spaces.

— Sara Malek Barney, founder of BANDD Design



10. Pink


Lately, I’ve been swooning over pink… and while I wouldn’t consider myself that much of a girly girl, there’s something that I just adore about the quintessential feminine color. For the longest time, pink just wasn’t used in a space because it was revered as just that, too feminine. But as fashion and design have shifted over the years (come on, isn’t a cute boy in a pink shirt not dreamy?) pink has been embraced as a color used in interiors more and more. In fact, I recently outfitted my own private office at the House of Bohn HQ in a bold and gorgeous pink wallpaper. The wallpaper was originally a hand-painted mural, adorned with emerald plants and white swans… so bold is an understatement here. While my private office isn’t a space that I spend a ton of time in throughout the day, I do love that the pink is a refreshing break from the rest of my office space, and there’s something about the floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall installation that also feels exciting and energizing.

Pink has become one of my favorite decorating and design colors because everyone looks good in pink. Skin glows when light bounces off a pink painted wall, pink accessories are fun and playful, and more luxurious materials like pink marble set the tone for a space and a brand.

— Karin Bohn, founder and creative director at House of Bohn