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I Waited 3 Years to Make This Work from Home Investment—Here’s Why I Wish I Made It Sooner


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Source: Stocksy
Source: Stocksy

As they like to say—hindsight is 20/20. In retrospect, it seems obvious that upon starting my work-from-home journey, I should have chosen a desktop computer over a laptop. I had just left startup life to launch my own freelance writing business, and for the past few years, all I’d worked off of was a laptop. Not to mention, I was very much living that pre-pandemic work-from-anywhere lifestyle that so many freelancers used to enjoy. A laptop was portable, less expensive, and looked much better on my desk—which annoyingly lives in my living room. It seemed the obvious choice.

I am, however, capable of admitting when I’m wrong, and in fact, am perfectly happy to be wrong on this count. Last fall, I was working on a very data-intensive project and was struggling to weed through spreadsheet after spreadsheet on my tiny laptop. My husband gallantly offered up his desktop computer for the week to help me get my project done more efficiently (how’s that for 21st-century romance?) and immediately I became hooked. The next thing I knew, I was counting down the minutes until a new iMac 24-inch arrived on my doorstep. 

Let’s dive into why this computer made my work life so much better and why I’ll never go back to my laptop ways unless I actually am working away from my home.


My Desktop Computer

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Why I’m Never Going Back to a Laptop


I have less back and neck pain

Keeping one’s chin up has a whole new meaning to me. We all know that craning our necks down at our laptops is bad, but many of us do nothing to correct this terrible posture from 9-5. Please tell me I’m not the only one who traded bad posture for a sleek design?

Upgrading to a desktop computer immediately alleviates a lot of the back and neck pain I feel on workdays. I would say most days I don’t experience any pain at all anymore simply because I can keep my chin up for a change.


I’m more focused

When my neck, back, or shoulders would start to ache, my solution was to always run to my bed where I would prop up a ridiculous amount of pillows and heating devices until I felt some relief. I thought this arrangement worked fine, but I now realize I focus much better when I’m at my desk. I’m way less likely to surf the web or social media when I’m at my desk compared to when I’m a little too comfortable in bed.


It provides eye relief

At first, I thought a 24-inch computer screen was too big (remember my sad living room office combination?), but I discovered very quickly how much easier it is to work with a big screen. Not only is it easier to read the copy I’m working on, but the screen is so large that I can essentially treat it like a double monitor by splitting the screen in half. This makes it super easy for me to keep reference documents visible or research I’m digging through close by during the writing process.


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I’m more productive

I like to start my work day anytime between 6-7 a.m., so in the winter it can be a bit hard to get moving. The compromise used to be working from bed for the first hour while I drank my tea. I continued this tradition even after my desktop computer arrived, but only for a week or so. I eventually found myself drifting over to my desk right away in the mornings because I wanted to use my new computer. As a result, the more productive part of my workday begins straight away and that strong workflow continues throughout the day.


I’m more organized

While I wouldn’t call myself an Apple devotee, I do like their products. Adding an Apple desktop computer to my rotation alongside my Apple laptop, iPad, and iPhone helps me stay super organized. I use all of those devices on a regular basis for work and have my favorite to-do list app (which I talk all about in this recent story), important notes, and other apps I use to run my business, all synced up. No matter where I am or what device is at hand, I can access the information or application I need.

I’ve shared with The Everygirl readers before how I make more money the more productive I am. The increased focus and speed I gained from making this work-from-home investment have helped grow my income substantially. While I can’t entirely attribute the computer to my business growth, I am on track to expand my income by almost 60 percent just since switching to a desktop computer. Not to mention, my accountant was quite pleased with the tax write-off it provided. 

This new upgrade is such a success that my husband is encouraging me to upgrade to the 27-inch version of my computer, but truth be told, I think he’s hoping I’ll pass my current computer along to him.


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