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DIY All-Natural Cleaning Products


All-natural beauty products have taken the beauty world by storm and slowly but surely the same is happening in the cleaning supply aisle. While you don’t directly ingest or purposefully rub cleaning products onto skin, you are still being exposed to toxic ingredients while using them in your home.

More and more all-natural cleaning products are popping up in stores, but you can’t always trust the all-natural claim. The Environmental Working Group found that just seven percent of cleaning products adequately disclosed their ingredients. According to a study by The Environmental Working Group, 53 percent of cleaning products under review contained lung-harming ingredients. They also found that well-known carcinogens like formaldehyde and chloroform were found in several cleaners.

So, a way to know exactly what is in your cleaning products, as well as keep costs down, is to make your own. A combination of a few common food grade items is all you need to make your own cleaning products! Below is a round-up of a few easy DIY recipes that will get your house sparkling clean in no time.

Tip: But before you start making your own cleaning products, stock up on the necessary all-natural supplies: baking soda, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, borax, essential oils, castile soap, fresh herbs, citrus peels, and olive oil. Also purchase a few containers (like spray bottles) to store the cleaners in.

Fresh Lemon Dishwasher Detergent

Source: Bren Did

Reusable Disinfectant Wipes

Source: Hello Glow

Lavender Sage All-Purpose Cleaner

Source: Hello Glow

Produce Wash

Source: Live Simply

Mirror Cleaner

Source: A House in the Hills

Laundry Softener and Scent Booster

Source: Live Simply

Stain Remover

Source: Live Simply

Have you swapped store bought cleaners for DIY versions? Share your favorite with us!