Yes, I’m Crazy: The Presents I’m Buying to Give to My Dog

I’m a true believer that a dog is absolutely woman’s best friend. They provide us with happiness, laughs, and comfort that get us through our toughest days. I especially love having a dog during this time of year because I can dress her up in her adorable little pink puffer coat and put reindeer antlers on her for Christmas cards.

After dealing with my smothering love all the time, she needs a special treat during the holidays. Christmastime is the perfect opportunity to reward your furry friend for being by your side all year long. I think my dog deserves the world, but since I can’t give her that, here’s what I’m filling her Christmas stocking with (okay, and a few extras that I wish I was buying for her as well): 

Haute Diggity Dog

Rosé Plush Dog Toy

Too cute not to purchase.


Peanut Butter CBD Oil

use code EVERYGIRL for 20% off!

Squishy Face Studio

Flirt Pole Dog Toy

Does it feel like your dog NEVER tires? Then this is the present for them.


Pet Heating Pad

Trust me, your dog won't leave this all winter.

Wild One

Dog Harness

Because who says leashes and harnesses can't be chic?

American Beagle Outfitters

Fleece Colorblock Dog Sweater

Ridiculous? Yes. On sale and in my shopping cart? Yes x 10.


Wild Whole Elk Antler Dog Chew

For the pup who loves to chew.