40 Things Our Editors Bought and Loved From Amazon

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I have placed no less than 4,827 Amazon orders since March. OK so maybe that estimate is on the dramatic side, but what do you expect from me? I never leave the house anymore and my melodrama must be inflicted on someone. 

Other than waiting for Brad Goreski to release a new housewives TikTok, I spend my afternoons looking forward to what packages will arrive that I can douse in disinfecant and enjoy once they air dry. If you’ve also given up on that sourdough starter and made endlessly scrolling Amazon a quarantine hobby, you’re in luck. I polled my fellow editors to see what purchases they’ve made (and loved) these past few months. Here’s the best of the best, from our carts to yours.


4-Piece Tank Set

I bought these tanks on a whim one day after feeling like I had no tops to work out in—and boy, am I glad I did. These are more cotton than a sweat-wicking workout material, but they are so flattering and are all I've worn since I got them. Even when I'm not exercising in them I've had days where I throw one on with a pair of denim shorts and call it a day. These are maybe my favorite Amazon find I've had this year. (They also come in other color packs).


Cat-Eye Sunglasses

I ordered these because I wanted a pair of inexpensive sunglasses I could toss in my bag and not worry too deeply about, and I can honestly say these are as good of quality as some of the much more expensive sunglasses I have. They're the perfect size and are so flattering and I've been reaching for them more than any other sunglasses I own.


Starbucks Syrup Set

I like my coffee sweet and I'm not ashamed of it. My go-to Starbucks order is an iced coffee with two pumps of vanilla, so I ordered these when Starbucks was closed to try to get my fix. Now, I keep a jug of Starbuck's iced coffee in my fridge, add a splash of one of these, and it's identical to going and getting my order there (and is a lot less expensive).


Turkish Towel

I wanted a cuter towel to have on hand for picnics and sitting by the lake, but was shocked to discover most Turkish towels are very, very expensive. This one is soft, cute, and absolutely does the job—plus it comes in about a million colors.


Vremi Stovetop Espresso Maker

When I went to Cuba a couple of years ago, I noticed my casa host only made her coffee with a Moka Pot. For some reason I could never remember to purchase one, but once we started to shelter in place, I made my investment. I love using this because it's not instant. Making coffee is a morning ritual that I look forward to, and you are guaranteed a caffeine jolt when using this. I use it to make an Americano so that I get the caffeine kick without the jitters.


Lightweight Gold Hoop Earrings

Lately, I've been obsessed with gold jewelry, and a pair of gold hoops never goes out of style. I like these because they're lightweight and hypoallergenic. The pair also make for a simple accessory you can pop on before a Zoom meeting to feel a little more put together.

10+ colors available

Cotton Pullover Sport Bra Pack

I think I'm done with bras—or at least bras with underwire. I love these because they're cotton, and most of the time, I forget I'm wearing any form of support. I also like to pair these with my high-waisted sweatpants for a cute, comfy at-home look.


Personalized Gold Initial Ring

I am usually not a ring person, mainly because I can't keep up with them. But, I love the stackable, gold ring trend I see everywhere. These pair well with my press-ons and make my hands look pretty. Since they're adjustable, you don't have to know your ring size, and so far, they haven't turned my fingers green or tarnished—even with all of my hand washing.


Shiatsu Back Massager

I’ve never been one to buy gadgets or things of the like—but someone suggested this when I complained of a kink in my neck. I saw it had almost 10,000 five-star reviews and was $49, so figured what do I have to lose?! It’s. The. Bomb. I use it constantly! Even during work hours at my desk. My husband and I fight over who gets it at night. Most of my family members have now bought it. I’ll be getting it as a Christmas gift for anyone else who hasn’t bought it yet! Can’t recommend enough!

14 colors available

Retro Polarized Cateye Sunglasses

I'll be the first to admit that I've never been particularly into sunglasses, but I knew that would change this summer when I started reading on my rooftop deck basically every day as the sun blazed down on me in quite the vigorous fashion. So, I stocked up on inexpensive pairs—and of course, they had to be a little out there. I found these with the intention of looking like Bridget Bardot knowing I was getting bangs in a few weeks, and they do their job quite well. If you have a smaller face, they'll probably fit you perfectly; my face gets the widest at my temples, but they're not uncomfortably tight in any way. 10/10 for me, and I get compliments on them everywhere I go. Yes, if you're wondering, I think I was a Leo in another life.


Clear Phone Case

After living with a phone that couldn't make calls without headphones and stopped connecting to the Internet and couldn't make Instagram stories (can you tell I'm justifying this absolutely wild purchase to myself—the girl who shudders at paying $30 for a top), I upgraded to a new phone and immediately bought a clear case because I play with my phone like a juggler. I read tons of reviews on this case, and they are all correct: it's without a doubt the best clear case I have ever put on my phone, and it's less than $15. It doesn't fall off (it feels really snug on my phone), is raised so the screen never touches the ground if it's dropped, hasn't turned yellow on me, and it just looks good. I could go on. This brand has cases for basically every single phone on the market, so you're bound to find one that fits yours too!

Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman

The Daily Stoic Journal: 366 Days of Writing and Reflection on the Art of Living

I'm a big philosophy nerd (it was my major in college for approximately two months freshman year), so I was stoked to find this guided journal that taps into Stoic philosophy, but in a modern, comprehensive way. I use this genius little journal with guided prompts as a meditation every morning and night, and I swear it has helped my stay-at-home anxiety.


Foam Roller

I've always had tight hip flexors that hurt after every single ab exercise or uphill walk (which is a bummer since I currently live on a steep hill and have to walk uphill to get to the grocery store). My doctor recommended I try foam rolling (a huge wellness trend I have not gotten on board with previously), and honestly the practice has made my whole body feel better after just a couple days. It came at a good time because my back and hips have felt tighter than ever before (probably because either A. I'm getting old, or B. I've been doing nothing for four months except sit on the couch and watch "Riverdale.") It truly has transformed how my body feels.


Extra Brite Baking Soda Toothpowder

I've tried just about every teeth-whitening product Amazon has to offer (curse my coffee addiction, sensitive teeth that can't deal with WhiteStrips, and my inability to budget for expensive treatments!). This baking soda powder is truly life-changing. Not only is it inexpensive, lasts forever, and gentle for teeth, but it has made a huge difference in the brightness of my smile. I finally feel like one of those women in the toothpaste ads (and I just can't stop smiling!).

8 colors available

Soft Henley Sweater

When I saw this $10 sweater in the men's section of Amazon, I felt like I had found the perfect cozy top I’d been in search of. It is truly the perfect cozy Henley, is 100 percent cotton, and is adorable styled with a front tuck into ripped denim or joggers. I ordered it originally in grey and went back for the black because it just that awesome, and you can’t beat the price and quality.

10+ colors available

Watch Band

I have been buying this brand of Apple Watch bands for several years now. The greige is my latest addition and it's such a great neutral for summer. The wrap band is very comfortable, the genuine leather quality is amazing, and it holds up well to my workout abuse.


Makeup Mirror

My husband and I share our bathroom that has a single sink, so early in our marriage I knew creating a makeup space outside of the bathroom would be key if we were ever going to get anywhere in a fast fashion. I recently upgraded my mirror situation to this compact, portable, light-up mirror that features different light settings and magnification levels. The light settings avoid ever leaving without fully blended face makeup, as you can see any uneven tones.


Tortoise Glasses

I ordered a set of these a couple of years ago and recently added a second set to be our primary drinking glasses. They are hand blown and each has its own unique look. They are thick but light, dishwasher safe, and really add something special to any table setting or daily meal.

5 colors available

Running Shorts

It has been crazy hot here in New England this summer, and casual shorts have become a daily staple for me. I love the liner inside these and the fact that they have pockets. The waistband is very forgiving and is actually smoothing vs. bulge inducing. I picked them up in the pink color but would buy again in more shades.


Headband 6 Pack

Whenever the heat of summer really starts to fire up, my brain makes an instant switch to fall mode. With more time at home and simpler outfits on the horizon, I love how these fall hued/textured headbands can dress up any simple look and make me feel a bit more put together, even at home!


Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Styler

Being a Black woman with coarse, tightly-curled hair, I usually never trust products that claim to work on all hair types, but this handy blow dryer might be the exception. This hair dryer is made for those who struggle with doing their own hair, as it’s made to be used on your hair like a regular brush, keeping your hair tangle-free. This hair dryer is great for Women of Color who have natural hair too, as the handle and the big bristles help you move through your hair with less effort than a regular blow dryer that typically just rakes through.


Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Working from home for the foreseeable future, I wasn’t prepared to hover over my laptop’s keyboard and touchpad five days a week. This is where a wireless keyboard and mouse comes in handy. This set comes with a USB connection for the wireless mouse and an easy wireless Bluetooth-enabled keyboard that connects to your computer effortlessly. This is the perfect combo if you have more than one monitor too!


No Mo-Stache Portable Lip Waxing Kit

After months of not being able to maintain my monthly beauty routine due to social distancing (which included visits to my favorite esthetician), I had to take matters into my own hands, starting with facial hair removal. This waxing kit comes with cute step-by-step instructions and hypoallergenic waxing strips that are easy to put on and take off for the upper lip, and even a small tube of post-waxing aloe cream to smooth out any irritation. Definitely a staple for me in between waxing appointments!

16 colors available

Women's Wire-Free Contour Bra

If you're looking for a bra that doesn't feel like one, this is it. Wearing this bra feels just as satisfying as not wearing one. It's lightweight, so soft, and literally feels like a cloud. You need it!


Radha Beauty Rosehip Oil

I’ve been struggling with my acne scaring for quite some time now, and after trying what feels like everything, I think I found the missing piece of my routine: rosehip oil. It’s cleared my acne scaring faster than any other product I’ve used. For the oily ladies, it does not feel greasy, which was a major plus for me. I put it on every morning and night, and all summer, I’ve been rocking the no-makeup look because of it.

16 colors available

Biker Shorts

Bike shorts, an oversized tee, and my sneakers have been my go-to outfit lately. I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect pair—one that doesn’t slide up, is opaque, and lasts without tearing apart (as I wear them an average five times a week). This pair checks all those marks and more. You also can’t beat the price for this quality and durability.


Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

I know a few people who have one of these and swear by it, so I knew that I needed to get on the bandwagon. They're so great if you have a naturally dry scalp or have shampoo build-up. And as a bonus, it gives you the feeling of a salon shampoo!


Rechargeable Fabric Shaver

I bought this because I had some pilling on my couch, but now I want to use it on every piece of clothing I own. It is truly the handiest gadget that you never knew you needed.

10+ colors available

Dual Pocket Yoga Shorts

I absolutely love these shorts. They are so comfortable, flattering, and have a massive pocket for your cell phone. Even if you're part of the anti-bike-shorts crowd, you should buy these because they will convert you on comfort alone.


Pedicure Tool

This item should come with a warning label. It works almost too well and I could easily see someone causing lasting damage to their body. But if you're careful and in desperate need of a pedicure, this will be your new BFF.


36 Grid Organizer

I never considered myself much of a "jewelry person," but what I've learned is that it's all about merchandising what you have. Instead of endlessly digging through a drawer to find a pair of earrings, I organized all my jewelry into these boxes. Now everything is easily accessible and displayed so I always know exactly what I have. I find myself wearing the pieces I have so much more. Even if it's just with a T-shirt around the house, wearing accessories gives me some semblance of normalcy and a feeling of being put-together. My dry shampoo consumption says otherwise, but balance, amiright?


DripDrop Dehydration Relief

Cocktail hour at home is one of my new favorite quarantine rituals, but this old gal doesn't recover like she used to. Yes, two glasses of wine will leave me restless, exhausted, and with a slight headache the next morning. This is 30. Or this is a sign I need smaller wine glasses.

Then these miracle packets came into my life and changed everything. Just drop one in a glass of water before bed and you'll be hitting "subscribe" in no time. Trust me. When I'm not polishing off a bottle of red, I like to use them after an intense workout.

6 colors available

Jogger Pants with Pockets

These are made of yoga-pant material and a pretty close dupe to the Athleta joggers that I spent way too much money on.


Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

It’s embarrassing to admit that, although we’ve gotten rid of the majority of one-use products in our house, I was still using 2-3 disposable cotton pads a day on my face. This time, when I ran out of those rounds, I resisted re-buying and instead chose these washable, 100 percent organic bamboo cotton rounds. The transition has been seamless, and the included laundry bag is perfect for keeping them all together while washing.

7 colors available

Square Cateye Sunglasses

I’m a budget sunglasses junkie. Though I own a couple of “nice” pairs of sunnies, those hardly get any use in my day-to-day existence. With two kids and a busy life, I need eye protection that is both chic and easily replaceable. These sunglasses definitely make the cut; they’re sturdy enough to be thrown around in my bag, car, stroller, etc. and stylish enough to fit well and look as if they cost more than they do.

5 colors available

Pajama Set

I’ll be honest: this is the first pajama set I’ve ever owned (not including matching holiday jammies). I’ve always been quite content with my gym shorts and tee combo, but there’s nothing like a global pandemic to make the voices inside whisper “your sleepwear needs an upgrade.” These are under $20 and are SO soft, cute, and comfortable—I finally understand the pajama set hype.

2 colors available

Ladder-Style Bookcase

This shelf was a necessary purchase only because I stress bought so many plants online at the beginning of quarantine to soothe my soul and then had no where to put them. Normal, right? Fortunately, I didn’t have to blow the budget on this sturdy, easy-to-assemble shelf to house them all. It looks great in the corner of our dining room and matches our mostly natural wood furniture perfectly.


Havaianas Slim Flip Flop

The second summer hits, I'm a total flip-flop girl and proud of it. Especially now that I'm spending so much time at home, these are my go-tos to throw on for quick coffee runs, hanging by the pool, and for walks around the block. This pair is really comfortable (I love the slim straps!) and the price is great for the quality.

Curtis Sittenfeld

Rodham: A Novel

I was so excited for this book to come out that I ordered it right away and could not put it down. It's a fictional take on Hillary Clinton's life if she didn't marry Bill Clinton. Yes, they still date in law school just like their real-life story, but after they break up, Hillary's life takes on a whole reimagined path into politics. Highly recommend if you're looking for a fun new read!


Paint by Numbers Kits for Adults

I bought one of these paint-by-number kits back in March for a quarantine activity and it did not disappoint, so much so that I just purchased another one to keep me busy this fall/winter when the weather gets cold again. The kit has everything you need, and the end result is a really large and pretty floral print that I'm actually planning to frame and hang in my apartment.