The Everygirl’s Instagram Story Templates


There are plenty of things about social media that are disappointing — it’s fuel for comparison, it can make you feel bad about your life, and it takes time away from the opportunity to spend face-to-face time with those you love. We get that, and we’re not denying it.

We are, however, really big fans of social media overall — we choose to focus on the fact that it’s an incredible way to connect with friends both new and old, it’s a constant source of inspiration, and it’s a way to learn so many new things. Since we’re such big fans and want to keep Instagram a positive place to be, we want to help put a little bit of Insta-goodness out into the world. Behold — eight ready-to-use Instagram Story templates for you to use on your own accounts. They’re the perfect opportunity to share a little bit about yourself, have a little bit of fun, and send some positive vibes of your own out into the social-sphere.

To use: Simply download or screenshot the images you want to use, then upload them to your Insta Stories — then fill them out with your own info. Be sure to tag us when you post them — we can’t wait to see them and use them as an opportunity to learn more about you!









Which of these templates are you most excited to use? Tag us at @theeverygirl_ so we can see your finished products!