The Journal Prompt You Need to Try This Fall, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Fall is the best time of year for so many things: cozy sweaters, comfort shows, crunchy leaves, Folklore on repeat, and…finally opening up that journal you’ve been meaning to get back to. The shorter days and changing leaves reflect the transitions happening all around us, a gentle reminder that everything in life is cyclical. It’s a powerful time to turn inward and set the tone for the remainder of the year. Whether that’s resetting your routine, reconnecting with your inner child, or letting go of old habits, the stars can provide some guidance on themes to explore for being the best version of yourself. Light a pumpkin candle, grab your favorite writing pen, and get cozy as you reflect on the prompt that correlates to your sign (though you can also pick what feels most relevant to you, perhaps exploring your moon and rising signs.)


Aries: “What are you neglecting?”

As the first sign of the zodiac, you’re an initiator and always on the move. Sometimes you move so fast, you have a hard time keeping your feet on the ground and get hot-headed when things don’t go your way. You may want all the answers right away and struggle with being in the process. Though you’re not afraid to act on your desires, you may neglect important aspects of your well-being or sacrifice an area of your life to keep momentum going. Take some time to observe what you may be neglecting as a result of being in motion, and consider where you may need to slow down.


Gemini: “What do you want to focus your energy on?”

Summer was probably a busy time for you, right? Full weekends, catching up with friends near and far, and soaking up as much of the outdoors as possible. Whether you’re excited for autumn or feeling the end-of-summer blues, it’s a good time to start thinking about how you’re spending your precious energy. It may feel like you can be in all places at once but overcommiting yourself can lead to burnout and frustration. Think about focusing your energy this fall on what matters most to you. You might start out by listing the things that are fueling your energy and draining your energy so you can set your priorities in motion.


Leo: “What’s something you need to admit to yourself?”

After feeling yourself all summer long, you’re either riding the high into fall or feeling the exhaustion start to catch up. Leos love the rush of being busy and surrounding themselves with different people and activities, but sometimes, that busyness is a mask for difficult emotions. The beginning of the new season is a great time for a vibe check with yourself. What are you avoiding? What truths do you need to face? Taking responsibility and being honest with yourself can help you shed anything standing in the way of your growth.


Virgo: “Where do you feel most out of control in your life?”

Virgos love to be in control and autonomous. Whether that’s leading a group project, doing your laundry exactly the way you want to, or setting future goals, you want to do things your way and have high standards for yourself (and that’s not a bad thing!). Of course, we can’t control every single detail of our lives. Think of situations that feel out of your hands as of late, and simple self-care actions that can help you maintain your grip. For instance, learning a new recipe, going on a walk, or blocking out Sunday afternoons for relaxation time are micro-actions you can slip into your routine to help you feel more grounded.


Libra: “What do you need to let go of?”

As a romantic, you’re probably eagerly awaiting fall in all of its aesthetic glory: colorful leaves, cable knit sweaters, and all the excitement that your birth season brings. Balance and beauty are the keys to your heart, but you also focus a lot on making others happy. You may have a hard time saying no or tuning into what you actually want—especially when you just want to have a good time and for everyone to get along. Think of this fall as a reset for your inner harmony. It’s the perfect time to asses where you may be taking on too much or over-committing yourself. How would it feel to offload some of the things that are weighing you down? Letting go makes room for new beginnings and allows you to vibe out and bask in the beauty around you.


Scorpio: “Where are you holding yourself back?”

Scorpios are super passionate people. You may fear being “too much” or “too intense” and dial your emotions back, though you feel things a whole lot. You’re probably no stranger to shadow work nor are you afraid to explore your inner darkness. With the veil thinning as the days grow shorter and the nights stretch longer, it’s a good chance to get curious about your inner world and the cobwebs attached to the judgments you cast. Think about where you might be holding yourself back in favor of being more accepted and the root of those fears. How does this affect the way you show up? And, most importantly, how can you embrace your intensity and see the power within it?


Sagittarius: “What does your inner child need?”

Routines are wonderful—they keep you grounded and create structure in your life. But for a Sag who craves excitement and thrives on variety, doing the same thing every day can feel stifling and uninspiring. With the new season comes new opportunities to explore your curiosities. Think about how you can reconnect with what brings you pleasure, whether that’s taking a new route on your daily walk, jumping into a pile of leaves, or camping out in your backyard and stargazing. Sag is ruled by Jupiter in the 5th house which is associated with children—reflect on what your inner child needs to feel rejuvenated and reconnected to your sense of wonder.


Capricorn: “Where are you trying to prove yourself?”

As the ambitious person that you are, you love to set goals and see through what you set your mind to. It’s important for your hard work and efforts to be recognized, but you can also fixate too much on status and what makes you look good. This may cause you to overwork yourself and become uber-perfectionistic as a way to prove yourself. As autumn begins and you set new goals for yourself, evaluate where you may be working extra hard and if it feels aligned with your deeper desires. And, think about how you can maintain internal momentum without needing external validation. The only approval you need is your won.


Aquarius: “What are the spaces where you feel most like yourself?”

You have your own vibe going for you. Never one to fit into a box, you follow your own rules and do what pleases you. Your innate open-mindedness leads you to many different activities and groups of people, though you may feel like an outsider in the scenarios you’re in. As the new season begins, pay attention to where you feel most free to be yourself. Who are you around? What kinds of spaces are you in? What support do you need? This can help you prioritize the things and people that make you feel seen and accepted in all of your magnificence.


Pisces: “What do you need to feel grounded?”

The fall fantasies are in full motion, aren’t they? Whether it’s romanticizing a small-town escape or stargazing under cozy blankets in an open field, it’s easy to let your imagination wander. As a mutable water sign, it’s important to keep your feet on the ground and not get swept away in the what-could-be’s. As we enter the autumn season, reflect on the things you need to feel grounded and present. Perhaps that’s a luxurious morning routine, more breaks throughout the workday, or recognizing the things you are grateful for. This intentionality can help you ultimately feel less overwhelmed and more in tune with yourself.