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The Best Fireplace Makeover Ideas for Every Budget

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home — working or not — then you already know how it can dominate a room; but maybe it’s not quite creating the look you’re after and is overshadowing the space in the wrong way. If so, it’s time for a transformation! Whether you’re contemplating a full-blown renovation or a simple weekend DIY, get inspired by these fireplace makeover ideas at three different price points.


Modest Makeover: Screen Time

Want to dress up the front of fireplace? Try adding a pretty screen, which can instantly refresh the hearth. 



Modest Makeover: Paint It Out

Dated brick or stone? An older drywalled facade? Get that can of paint in either a complementary or contrasting color to your existing walls and watch how different the fireplace can become. Consider painting just the trim or mantle too.



Modest Makeover: Add Some Artwork 

Source: @alainakaz

Depending on the price of the artwork, this can be a really cost-effective way to update your fireplace. We love seeing vintage pieces, DIY’ed abstract canvases, or oversized prints taking center stage.



Modest Makeover: New Styling

Whether you add a bundle of new, white candles inside the hearth or a beautiful mirror to the mantle, some new accessories can completely change the look and feel of a fireplace. 



More Mid-Range: Install a Mantle

Depending on the type of mantle, this price point can range. However, adding a new mantle will open up a world of styling possibilities and allow you to have a contrasting texture, like wood. We love how a wood mantle can warm up any space.



More Mid-Range: Create a Wood Niche

We’ve all pinned that drool-worthy fireplace image that has that gorgeous stack of wood. Maybe you have a spot that can house a bundle or two, or you could frame one out. 



More Mid-Range: Surround with Shiplap

We still love us some shiplap! Consider adding it to the fireplace surround and painting it a crisp white or a bold, dramatic hue.



More Mid-Range: A Trifle of Tile

Obviously, depending on your tile choice, the range of pricing is large. But if you have a smaller application (like just tiling below the mantle or on the hearth), and can find a reasonably-priced product, then this transformation can be huge for your fireplace!



Splurge-Worthy: Take It to the Ceiling

Source: @studiomcgee

Want to make more of an investment?! Tiling all the way to the ceiling will have an incredible impact and create the illusion of a much grander space.



Splurge-Worthy: Sleek and Sophisticated

If you have the funds to invest in a better insert, consider a gas one or higher-end electric option. Opt for sleek matte black, which looks modern and minimal. 



Splurge-Worthy: The Material Matters

Besides porcelain tile, you could look at cladding a fireplace in slate, wood, concrete, or even marble. Yes, it’s a major investment and the dollar signs can add up, but the results can be absolutely brilliant.


Is there a fireplace design that you love?! We’d love to hear in the comments below!