These Free, 10-Minute Workouts Are Perfect for Days When You’re Short on Time


“Petting as many dogs as humanely possible” is one of my most significant life goals.

I’ve never met a dog that I didn’t like. I am the CEO of stopping on the Chicago Lakefront mid-run to pet all of the good doggos that proudly and happily trot past me. While I’m not in a place to own a dog of my own, this small fact does not stop me from getting my canine fix any time the opportunity presents itself.

It has become very important for me to streamline my life to allow for as much time to provide belly rubs and compliments to dogs as possible. It is crucial to me that no matter what I accomplish in life, I never lose sight of prioritizing activities that I love most. Maybe for you, that joy comes from cooking, hanging out with family/friends, reading, watching Netflix, pouring a large glass of wine, or journaling. Regardless of what gets your heart pumping, I think we can all agree that making more time for the things we love is a good thing.

So on days where I’m slammed with work, drowning in laundry, or itching to prioritize the petting of the dogs, I simply don’t have time to head to my gym and spend an hour on the treadmill (note: I have never actually spent one whole hour on a treadmill). I have always been a firm believer that quality is better than quantity (in this case, quantity being the amount of time spent working out) and have found that doing an effective, 10-minute workout is better than doing nothing at all. On the days where you don’t have time or are just looking for a quick way to move, these 13 free 10-minute workouts will have your back:


1. This low-impact workout that’s friendly to your joints:


2. This abdominal burner that will help strengthen and tone your core:


3. This full-body workout that will leave you drenched in sweat:


4. This cardio circuit that is guaranteed to get your heart rate up:


5. This intense HIIT workout that has me tired just watching it:


6. This barre workout that will help you to achieve the toned arms of your dreams:


7. This full-body yoga flow that will help you to find your zen:


8. This leg-focused workout that won’t upset your downstairs neighbors: 


9. This booty burn workout that will help to tone your peach: 


10. This dance party situation that will make you feel like you’re Beyoncé:


11. This upper-body routine that will work your back, arms, and chest:


12. This challenging Tabata workout that will help you sweat away stress: 


13. This full-body stretch session that will help you improve your mobility:


What are your favorite ways to workout at home? Let us know in the comments below!