17 Gifts You Can Send to a Friend You’re Missing

My sister Rebecca is one of my heroes—she’s a dedicated nurse, a loving wife, the best sister, a dedicated daughter, and the most amazing mom to my 16-month-old nephew. Even in the best of times, she does it all—but now especially, I’m even more in awe of her than usual.

We both live in Chicago, so we normally get to see each other a lot. We love Bachelor wine nights every week, Shake Shack lunches as often as possible, and hours laughing with her husband, their baby, and glasses of wine (or bourbon). It’s now been a whole month since I’ve seen them—and while that’s not a long time in the scheme of life, it’s a VERY long time for two sisters who are used to seeing each other several times a week.

During this crazy (and scary) time of social-distancing, I’m willing to bet there’s someone you’re missing in particular too. Whether it’s a family member, a best friend, a significant other, or a coworker, there’s probably someone in your life you’re thinking of a little extra. As much as I wish I could share a table and a bottle of wine with my sister right now, I can’t—but I can send her a little something to let her know I’m thinking of her. Here, I’m sharing the ideas I’ve had for gifts to send ALL the special people in my life I’m missing.



"Masks For Masks" Set

Personally, I think this just might be the best item on the list. This four-pack of cult-favorite masks (from an Everygirl-favorite brand!) is 50 percent off, highly effective, AND donates 100 percent of its proceeds to providing masks for frontline healthcare workers. A gift for your loved one PLUS the knowledge that you're helping? Now that's the dream.

Small Packages Co.

Self-Care Box

We love Small Packages Co. because it's a small, woman-owned business—AND because the packages they create and ship out are nothing short of curated perfection. You pick a theme, then pick a price point—you can choose if you want to pay $35, $50, or $100 for different boxes. I love the self-care option, but there are LOTS to choose from!

Intelligent Change

The Five-Minute Journal

I've been using a Five-Minute Journal for almost a year now, and it's an amazing way to remind myself of the blessings in my life. Journaling is a known positivity-booster—and even the busiest among us has five minutes to spend on reflection.

Alice & Wonder

Scented Candle

Want a tangible way to tell someone you love them? Say it with a scent! This candle will remind its recipient of your feelings every time he or she lights it.

Milk Bar

Assorted Cookie Tin

Our editor Maddie is the world's biggest fan of these cookies— and when we got a delivery of them to our office one time, we understood why. They are really and truly the world's best cookies!

Alice & Wonder

Rocks Glass

Even when you can't be there to enjoy a drink together, this glass shares some words of wisdom. Not only will it look adorable on a bar cart, but it'll also serve as a reminder of the many IRL cocktail hours to come.


Alcohol Delivery

We all know we aren't supposed to be making extra trips to the store—so this service allows your loved one to receive their favorite beverage(s) without lifting a finger.


Socks (7-Pack)

Not only is this chic set totally on-trend, but it's also cozy for the still-crisp air we've got outside. Socks are a cozy way to show a little love!

Kristin Ess

Fragrance-Free Deep Treatment Mask

Another Maddie Galassi favorite! Since this mask is fragrance-free, it's a safe bet to add to any routine—and not only that, but it also WORKS.


Cross-Band Slippers

Cross-band slippers are somehow both endlessly comfortable AND effortlessly chic—and this under-$25 pair adds a little decadence to the stay-at-home life. I'm obsessed with every color!

Alex Fleming

Adult Coloring Book

When you're stressed (or even when you're not), few things feel better than letting out a few choice four-letter words. While it's not always appropriate to blurt one out, it IS appropriate to color outside the lines in the safety of your own home. This coloring book can serve as a much-deserved release!

Olive & June

The Studio Nail Polish Set

Since we can't go out and GET manicures right now, there's no time like the present to teach ourselves the art of doing it at home. This foolproof kit makes at-home application a breeze (and you get to choose two colors!).


Adult Coloring Book

While not as vulgar as the other option, this coloring book is equally saucey. The RHONY fan in your life will get a creative outlet AND hours of enjoyment.


Ready-to-Deliver Cards

Snail mail of any kind is the best to get—but sending cards through a delivery service guarantees that neither the sender nor recipient has to leave their home. These adorable ready-to-send cards are sure to bring a smile—OR you can upload your own photos and designs and send those!

Farmgirl Flowers

Flower Delivery

We're huge fans of Farmgirl Flowers—especially now that they deliver to all 48 lower states! A flower delivery both brings a little life to your loved one's space and shows you're thinking of them.


DIY Friendship Bracelet Kit

My best friends and I have friendship bracelets—because we're 26, super cool, and love showing off our bond. Ours, however, are boring gold bands—unlike these, which are cute, customizable, and provide the recipient with something to do.

Barefoot Dreams

Trimmed Throw

For half the price of its not-on-sale counterpart, your loved one can experience the ultimate joy and comfort of Barefoot Dreams—one of our absolute favorite brands for all things cozy. This throw is the perfect size for one (or for snuggling with a live-in quarantine buddy), and it comes in two colors. I'm considering buying this one for myself!