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I’ve Repurchased This Cult-Favorite Beauty Product More Times Than I Can Count

written by SARAH LYON

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Source: Glossier
Source: Glossier

I’ll admit that I’m not much for routines. I thrive when my schedule varies each and every day, enjoy being able to rearrange my apartment when the mood strikes, and even switch up my morning coffee order on a fairly frequent basis. (It doesn’t add up that I identify as Type A, I know.) All of that said, when it comes to beauty products, I’m a stickler for my tried and true faves. One item I’ve repurchased more times than I can count? Glossier Boy Brow. 

Boy Brow
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About My Brows

As I’ve mentioned before, I have pretty fair eyelashes and eyebrows. Don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing wrong with this at all, but as someone with dark brown hair, I’ve always longed for my other features to pop a bit more. While I’ve long addressed my eyelashes with a couple of healthy swipes of mascara, I don’t think it ever occurred to me until a couple of years ago that I could quickly, affordably, and successfully alter the hue of my brows. 


About Boy Brow

In the spring of 2018, I noticed a favorite local Instagrammer frequently posting about Glossier’s Boy Brow on Insta Stories, and her videos stopped me in my tracks: the results did look pretty darn good. I quickly went online and ordered my own tube of Boy Brow. At just $16, it was a risk I was more than willing to take—after all, what’s life without a little makeup experimentation every now and then? Here’s how it stacked up:


Wand: 8/10

Make sure you tuck your Boy Brow away safely in your makeup case, as the petite size does make the product easy to lose! That said, for such a small wand, the piece certainly is high quality. Applying too much product will result in an overly-clumpy look, so less is more. 


Color: 10/10 

They may say that you’re never fully dressed without a smile, but in the days of COVID-19, I, truthfully, feel like I’m never fully ready for the day without a touch of mascara and Boy Brow. Concealer? That comes out on special occasions, like important Zoom meetings and the occasional IRL meetups with friends, but my brows and eyelashes? They always get first priority. Again, I feel like my face looks so much more refreshed and put together with just the slightest bit of the product, and it couldn’t take less time to apply. And there’s a tube for everyone: Boy Brow is available in four different hues as well as a clear shade, so you can partake no matter your hair color. 



Results: 10/10 

Well, reader, it’s been three full years since I purchased that initial tube, and man, am I hooked. As soon as I swiped on a thin layer of product, I was pleasantly surprised. One would never know that my brows are naturally a very light brown; they appear much more in line with my deeper hair color. The product thickens eyebrows (if only it had been around in my overplucking period back in high school) and helps corral any stray hairs into place. In my opinion, I look so much more lively and awake when using the product, and I can’t believe I made it to age 26 without ever having tried it. Whenever I go back through old pictures of myself from the pre-Boy Brow era, I’m always shocked at how different—and washed out—my face looks! 


Value: 9/10 

I’ve purchased and repurchased this little guy more times than I can count. Admittedly, I’ve taken to ordering two tubes at a time, partially so that I can hit Glossier’s free shipping threshold but also so that I’ll never be without my beloved Boy Brow in the event of a beauty emergency. While the tubes are small, one on its own should last a couple of months (depending on the frequency of your use, of course). 


Final Thoughts

Honestly, applying this makes me feel excited to start the day (even if all that’s on my agenda is a couple of work calls!).