The Best Halloween Decor of 2023

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Source: Pottery Barn

Did you hear that? The faintest cackle of a Sanderson sister. The opening ba-doom-boom-boom-da-boom of Thriller. It’s spooky season ladies. It may not be October yet, but the biggest retailers have released their 2023 Halloween decor and given us the go-ahead to start planning our full-scale decorating attack on the best holiday of the year. Wondering what the best pieces of the year will be? Look no further because as your resident Halloween-obsessed editor, I’ve rounded up the best Halloween decor of 2023 so you can snag your heart’s desire long before it sells out. 


The Best Halloween Decor of 2023


8 ft. Animated Skeleton

The TikTok famous Home Depot skeletons may have already sold out, but if you're in need of a major wow moment, this is the next best option. At eight glorious feet high and with spooky light up eyes, this skeleton will instantly make your yard the spookiest on the block. Hurry and grab this major statement piece before it sells out too.


60 inch Skeleton

No matter how small or large your home is, this life-size skeleton is the ultimate Halloween decor purchase. He's the do-everything piece that's both cheeky and spooky.

Pottery Barn

Terracotta Jack O' Lanterns

Pottery Barn took our terracotta pumpkin obsession to the next level with this creepy new color release.


Light Up Pumpkin

If the Pottery Barn pumpkins are out of your holiday decor budget, nothing beats the light up pumpkins from Target. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, you can purchase a porch full of faces at a much more affordable price tag.

West Elm

Flameless Black Candles

You never have to worry about this black flame candle getting blown out. These charming battery operated candles move and flicker like the real thing, so your guests will never realize they are faux. Bonus: no messy wax to clean up at the end of the night.

Pottery Barn

Ghost Stoneware Bowl

Apart from being so precious it will make you squeal every time you lay eyes on it, this ghost bowl comes in a variety of sizes and sets ensuring it will get used many times during the season. The small size is perfect for coffee table decor and the serving bowl should hold enough candy for all your trick-or-treaters.