50 Spooky Halloween Nail Ideas That Aren’t Cheesy 👻

If youโ€™re like us and also find yourself endlessly searching for โ€œHalloween nail ideasโ€ on Pinterest and Instagram, you’ll probably understand our conundrum. What fills our feeds is always unique and fun (it is spooky season, after all) but isn’t exactly something we’re excited to wear (especially for longer than a few days). Having Michael Myers on your nails is super cool, but it isn’t exactly something we’re willing to show off when we’re giving a presentation about Q4 projections the day after Halloween.

But your quest for the cutest Halloween nails doesn’t have to end there: we found the coolest, trendiest options that you’ll be dying to try all season long. Think less ’80s slasher and more Casper with jewel-tone shades, fun French tips, spooky art, and even a little witchy inspo for your costume. Scroll to see them all in their glory. 💀


1. Black Ghosts


2. Skeleton Bones


3. Green Slime


4. Golden Orange


5. Purple Potion


6. White and Black Speckled


7. Pumpkin Spice


8. Stitches


9. Nightmare Before Christmas


10. Witches Coven


11. One Single Blood Drop


12. Barbie Halloween


13. Candy Corn


14. Halloween Themed Tips


15. After Dark Inspired Mani


16. Matte Black with Shine Tips


17. Halloween Checkered


18. Scream


19. Black Chrome


20. Witchy Vibe


21. Friendly Ghost


22. Beetlejuice Stripes


23. Blood Red Chrome


24. Black and Orange Checkered


25. Spiders + Webs


26. Bright Orange


27. Deep Tones


28. Halloween-Themed French


29. Ghost French


30. Smoke


31. Mummies


32. Halloween Skittles


33. Black V-Tips


34. Flame French


35. Oxblood


36. Black and White


37. Blood Stains


38. Red With Webs


39. Deep Purple


40. Black French


41. Grey 


42. Abstract Black and White


43. Black and Grey Webs


44. Black and White Squiggles 


45. Charms


46. Red and Black


47. Neon Yellow


48. Moons


49. Yellow and Orange Ombre


50. Blood Drips



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