I’m Going to Harry Styles’ Tour This Fall: Here’s What’s on My Outfit Moodboard

written by BELLA GIL

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If you haven’t heard yet, Harry Styles starts the North American leg of his Love On Tour in just a few weeks. Touching down in New York City, Chicago, Austin, and Los Angeles, Harry is sure to give a hell of a performance to the songs we’ve been blasting all summer.

While show dates and tickets were abundant, obtaining them wasn’t so easy. After hours of planning and waiting in virtual queues, I managed to score three tickets to see him at The Forum in October with my sister and best friend. As a One Direction lover who never got to see them in concert, I feel as if this is my redemption arc. However, the only thing on my mind since securing my tickets in June has been: What the hell am I going to wear?

The outfit vibes of Harry Styles shows are always Western-meets-ABBA-meets-Hannah-Montana. Does that make sense? It’s all about glittery accessories and flashy fringes and flares. If you’re not one to go all out style-wise, now’s your chance. Wear the sequins! Buy the boa! It may not be acceptable at your 9-5, but trust me, it’ll be gladly accepted once you step into that arena. 

I’m not sure when the white-tee and leather jacket concert uniform stopped, but when it comes to Harry Styles shows, his fans are sure to step out. (And maybe even show him up.) One of the main factors I’m keeping in mind when it comes to what I’m going to wear is comfort while still keeping style at the forefront. After hours on Pinterest and numerous bullet points in my notes app, take a peek at what’s on my moodboard below.


1. Glitter and sequins everywhere

Is it just me or do you practically hear the opening chords of Music at a Sushi Restaurant when you look at glitter and sequins? A glittery dress really speaks for itself, but head-to-toe glitter? If there was a “Best Dressed” contest at the show, you’re sure to win if you’re dressed in all sequins. 

Nasty Gal

Tinsel Fringe Jacket

4 colors available

2. Fun matching sets

If I wasn’t 5’2, I would wear a long slinky set in a heartbeat. Unfortunately for me, sometimes I feel like the length just drowns me out. My best friend who’s going with me is 5’10, and I’m trying to convince her to wear something like this with her fave pair of platform Converse. Who knows, maybe we’ll go matching? 

Nasty Gal

Long Sleeve Satin Set

3 colors available

Fashion to Figure

Pleated Matching Set

3. Printed denim

It’s your favorite outfit but elevated. I don’t know if I’m thinking of wearing a unique pair of denim for the sake of the concert or just for the sake of it giving me an excuse to finally get a pair. I promise I’ll wear them after! I may just have to bite the bullet on this one.

Free People

Float on Flares

9 colors available

4. Western vibes

It’s so fun to see the different styles in the different regions Harry travels to. While cowboy hats and fringe aren’t just limited to Austin, Western garb ~with a twist~ seems to be ever so popular at most of his shows. I’m leaning toward this option the most out of all of them, and I can’t wait to see what his Austin fans wear in September for a little more inspo.


The Annie

6 colors available


The Daisy

5 colors available

5. A cheeky graphic tee with a mini skirt

The graphic tee + mini skirt + knee-high boots combo is unmatched at a concert these days. From classic Harry shirts to people he loves and performs with, the options are pretty much endless here. And hey, there’s no shame in wearing old 1D merch to a Harry Styles concert. 


No Good Alone Tee

2 colors available

6. A full-on jumpsuit

Too stressed about what to wear? Let a jumpsuit do the grunt work for you. It’s everything in one and takes no effort at all. Cowboy hat optional; glitter and sequins recommended.


Cassidy Denim Jumpsuit

3 colors available

City Chic

Flare Leg Denim Jumpsuit

2 colors available

7. Pieces with fruit details

Many people find inspiration for outfits from his songs themselves, and with Watermelon Sugar, Kiwi, and Cherry, Harry Styles is practically performing the whole fruit basket. Level up your outfit with some pieces with the cutest juicy motifs.