7 Hijabi-Approved Staples to Rock This Winter

“Do I have a hijab that matches this sweater?” “Does this top at least cover my bum?” “I hope this material is thin enough!” These are all the thoughts that go through my head while I’m shopping, getting dressed for work or school, or just going out with friends.

As a hijabi living in Canada, there are many obstacles and challenges I face every day, and choosing what to wear is no exception. Trying to look modest yet chic while keeping in mind color coordination with my hijab is honestly a struggle sometimes. So as a hijabi, I love when the temperatures start to drop — I can layer my clothing without people looking at me like I’m crazy, wear looser sweaters and tops and still look put together, and I don’t have to dig through racks and racks of clothing looking for non-sheer, breathable, and modest clothing.

Winter is so much easier for hijabis to dress up, and with this list of pieces (that you could easily transition into other seasons), you can style your hijabi wardrobe just fabulously this season. 


Source: @omayazein


1. Hijab Material  

My favorite hijab to wear in the winter is the Viscose Cotton Crinkle Hijab. I would not want to be caught wearing anything else on a cold day because it keeps my head snuggly and warm! I’ve even found some that are thin enough to wear during the summer, so I even wear them year-round. Another popular material to wear is jersey, another one of my all year-round favorites. Both of these materials are great during the winter — they don’t slip, are warm, and can easily be styled under a beanie or comfortably tucked in a chunky turtleneck sweater with no bulkiness. 


Source: @heba_jay


2. Basic Long-Sleeve Shirts

This is a basic I feel is important all year round, but especially in the winter. I wear them under everything, mainly to keep myself warm, but also to ensure that anything I’m wearing is not see-through, maximizing coverage. So if I have a knitted sweater with a looser weave, I would wear these shirts underneath. Because I live in Canada and it’s super cold during the winter, I also invest in neutral thermal tops.


Source: @hakeemahcmb


3. Long Coats 

This is an obvious one for the winter. I don’t have to try super hard to be modest; I can wear whatever everyone else wears, with minimal effort. I love coats and own them in many neutral colors. They’re super easy to dress up and down, and can be worn over any outfit.



4. Sleeveless Coat 

This is my favorite winter essential. A sleeveless coat could also be a thick, long, tailored vest made for the winter, and can be worn when it’s not as cold. I love my statement sleeved tops, and this sleeveless coat gives me a chance to show them off throughout the winter while still keeping me just warm enough.



5. Jeans 

I find that my blue and black jeans take me throughout the whole winter. I usually wear skinny or straight-leg in the winter because they’re easier to tuck inside long boots. I’m also loving the fact that I could transition my wide-leg ankle jeans into the winter by pairing them with my favorite ankle booties. 



6. Cardigans 

If there’s one staple your hijabi wardrobe needs for the winter, it’s the cardigan. They’re so easy to find right now! Throwing an oversized, chunky cardigan over anything fitted keeps you warm and cozy, while still looking both chic and modest. 



7. Creativity 

I know this isn’t a wardrobe item, but as a hijabi, creativity when it comes to dressing is essential. We face a lot more barriers when it comes to dressing up, no matter the weather or season. I take any of my wardrobe staples and search for them on Instagram and Pinterest for hijabi outfit inspiration. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to transition your wardrobe staples into the winter and how many outfits you can create with pieces you already own!