Hosting for the Holidays? Here Are 9 Simple Things That Will Make Your Guests Feel at Home

Source: Aimee Mazzenga for The Everygirl
Source: Aimee Mazzenga for The Everygirl

There’s no doubt in my mind that being a good hostess is one of the most underrated skills a person can have. Who doesn’t love that feeling of excitement that comes with being invited into someone’s home where you know you will be embraced, loved, and made to feel right at home? Cue all the warm fuzzy feelings! There’s an art to hosting, and the holidays can add a sprinkle of added excitement and—let’s be honest—pressure for those of us opening our doors to loved ones this season. The good news is we’ve got you covered with some simple hosting tips that will make your overnight guests feel relaxed and at ease, while also taking some weight off your shoulders.

1. Have extra chargers on hand

Anticipating your guests’ needs is one of the best ways to make them feel comfortable, and setting out extra chargers in their guest room is always a nice touch. I know I’ve forgotten to pack a charger at least once in my past few years’ worth of travel, but even if your guests remembered, it’s great to have one that’s already plugged in and easily accessible. For a one-size-fits-most solution, set out a wireless charger that’s compatible with multiple different types of devices.

2. Make connecting to the Wi-Fi as easy as possible

As your guests settle in, one of the first things they will want to do is connect to the Wi-Fi. Make it easy for them by creating a cute printout with your network name and password on it, then frame it and place it on a nightstand or nearby dresser. You can design your own using a program like Canva or even purchase a template on Etsy!

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3. Set out clean towels

There’s nothing cozier than freshly cleaned towels. Before guests arrive, be sure to wash and dry plenty of extra bath towels and washcloths, since you don’t want them to smell musty or like they’ve been tucked away in a linen closet. You can fold them neatly and lay them at the end of the bed, or set them on a pretty tray in the bathroom for ultimate cozy vibes. That way, guests don’t have to hunt for clean towels themselves or bother you for them.

4. Provide basic toiletries

Just like in a hotel, providing things like shampoo, body wash, and toothpaste is a thoughtful extra touch for your guests. They may have forgotten to pack their own toiletry items, and it’s nice to have them readily available regardless. It’s also a great time to make use of samples you may have collected over time!

5. Make space in the closet

If you’re lucky enough to have a guest room with a closet, there’s a good chance you may store your own things in that storage space when you’re not hosting. Before your overnight guests arrive, move anything you may be storing there to make space for your guests’ things. Be sure to include a few hangers as well so your guests can hang items if needed.

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6. Have a personalized coffee station

If there’s one thing many people take seriously, it’s their morning coffee. Check with your loved ones beforehand to see how they take their coffee (or tea) and have those ingredients on hand once they arrive. Set out mugs and your guests’ choice of milk, creamer, or sugar so they can wake up and pour themselves a cup right away. And if you have holiday-themed mugs and creamers, set those out, too! A little holiday treat to start off their day will make their stay with you even more special.

7. Stock up on plenty of snacks

Feeling at home means staying fed, so having a few grab-and-go snacks at the ready will keep your guests happy during their stay. Be sure to point out where you store your snacks and what’s fair game, or you could even place a few snacks in a welcome basket and set it in their room. Bonus points for knowing your guests’ favorites!

8. Create a guest book

Especially if they’re spending the holidays with you, your guests are sure to create some fun memories during their stay. To commemorate the moment, create a guest book and encourage your loved ones to write personal messages to you or jot down their favorite moments from their time with you. Over time, your guest book will become a priceless memento that you can cherish for years to come.

9. Relax and enjoy

Hosting people in your home can feel like you have to constantly be taking care of your guests or making sure every little thing about their experience is pleasant and enjoyable. While hosting does include crafting a warm and welcoming environment, remember there’s no such thing as perfect. Take time to sit back, relax, and spend quality time with your guests, and also give yourself permission to take a quick breather in another room if you’re feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated. Remind yourself that if you feel calm and at ease, your guests will, too.