How to Get Your Best Blowout at Home

  • Copy by: Mary Hood Luttrell
  • Feature Image By: Pop Sugar

A gorgeous blowout is a like a work of art. The look appears effortless, but behind the smooth, shiny locks is a great deal of technique that probably took time and practice to perfect.

If you’ve ever tried to give yourself a proper blowout at home only to stop midway through out of fatigue and frustration, take heart. This seemingly elusive skill can be mastered. With a little patience and the right blowout tips, you’ll be able to get a salon-quality blowout from the comfort of your own vanity.

Use a comfortable hair dryer.  

A hair dryer doesn’t need to be a big splurge. The most important quality in a hair dryer is how comfortable it feels in your grip. Next, make sure it comes with a tapered nozzle attachment and a cool setting.

Conair Infiniti Pro 1875W Ac Motor Dryer is a great option for under $50. Ghd Copper Luxe Air Professional Hairdryer is a beautiful choice for those wanting to invest a little more.




Find the correct size round brush.

The right size round brush will depend on the length of your hair. The longer the hair, the bigger the round brush. For short hair, try a 1.5-2” brush; for medium: 1.5-3”; for long: 3-5”. Drybar offers brushes in all three size categories.




Begin with blowout-friendly products.

The perfect blowout begins in the shower. Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo like Rahua Voluminous Shampoo. Apply a light conditioner to only your ends to avoid weighing hair down. Gloss Moderne High-Gloss Conditioner is a color-safe option suited for all hair types.

Apply a heat-protectant like Living Proof Restore Instant Protection, which can help protect hair from heat up to 450°F. Next, apply a volumizing mousse to your roots. Try SACHAJUAN Hair Mousse, a weightless, non-sticky mousse that provides flexible hold and body.




Pre-dry your hair to cut down your blow drying time and build body. 

Source: Marianna Hewitt

Using your fingers, lift a section from the top of your head and pull it taught. If you have thick or coarse hair, use the hottest setting on your drying. If your hair texture is medium or fine, use the medium heat setting. Using the full-speed heat option (if you have one on your dryer), direct the heat towards your roots, where you want the most volume. Repeat until your hair is between 30-70% dry (those with curlier textures will want less pre-drying while those with straighter textures can get away with more).

Dry your hair in sections.

Source: Brighton the Day

  • Use clips to separate hair into four sections:
    • One at the crown, one on each side, and one in the back. Sections may be subdivided or customized depending on the length and thickness of your hair.



  • From each section, take a 1½” portion of hair.
  • Pull it taught with a round brush using 1/4″ turns of the brush.
  • Gently pull the hair up as you dry; avoid pulling hair down. (This builds volume).
  • Use the hottest setting on your dryer if you have very thick or coarse hair. Use the medium heat setting otherwise.
  • The dryer may be switched to its lower speed setting if that option is available.
  • Keep the airflow parallel to the section being dried. (Use the dryer nozzle attachment to avoid roughing up the hair cuticle and creating additional frizz.)
  • Repeat drying steps with each portion of hair until completely dry.
  • Set each dry portion with a blast of cool air.

If you’re a visual learner, check out the following videos:



Finish with the right products (less is more!). 

Apply a light layer of flexible setting spray after completing your blowout. Try Oribe Imperméable Anti-Humid Spray. For additional shine, a few drops of a shine serum like Honest Beauty Honestly Polished Dry Condition + Shine Serum can be applied to the ends.




Blowout mistakes to avoid:

Source: Man Repeller

Over-twisting the brush. Avoid completely twisting the brush near your scalp. This can create unfortunate tangles. To catch your hair on the brush, do a small quarter-inch turn. Holding your hair taught with the brush, bring the brush down to the midlengths of the hair and then begin turning.

Holding the dryer too close. Hold the dryer at least one inch above the hair. Pressing the dryer nozzle against hair can cause dryness and damage.

Going too fast. Patience is key! For a sleek, no-frizz blowout, hair must by completely dry. Furthermore, being slow and methodical will allow you more control over the final outcome of the style.

What are your tips for getting an amazing blowout at home?