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How to Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive


Bringing the outdoors in gives our homes life and light. The air is cleaner, the energy is better, and plants add a little pretty to our space. If you want to add extra life to your home but are afraid that with busy schedules you’ll only end up killing our little green friends—don’t worry, you’re not alone! Keep reading to find the perfect low maintenance plant for your home and we’ll even tell you how to take care of it. 


Succulents and Cacti

Cacti and succulents are great because the variety is huge—and you can get creative with arrangements. These plants love water and a lot of light. When watering, soak soil until water comes out drain holes. Water once a week during warm seasons and about once every week and a half during cool seasons. Succulents love the light too, just make sure they don’t get too hot! If these little guys get sunburned, they will appear bleached or discolored. 




Want to add an accent piece to your favorite shelf, stand, or office desk, but not sure where to begin? Enter the philodendron—the most decorative and biggest homebody of a plant you can find! Caring for these little guys is super simple. Make sure they get bright, indirect sunlight, let the top inch portion of soil dry out between waterings, and include fertilizer in the watering mix every month or so.  



Fiddle Leaf Fig

This tree has become an interior design staple. For best care, put your fiddle fig in bright indirect sunlight. They will need to be watered when the top inch of soil is dry but the rest is still retaining moisture. After a few times, you’ll know how often your little fig needs to be watered. 



White Bird of Paradise

Bright, indirect sunlight is best for this flowering plant—its flowers can reach a foot in size! For best care, saturate (don’t oversaturate!) the soil and allow to dry between watering. 



Snake Plant

This plant is touted by many as being indestructible—so don’t worry about your neighbor or BFF having to baby it while you’re away on vacation. It does well in indirect sunlight and with soil that is allowed to dry between watering. 



Rubber Plant

These little guys accommodate best to your home if you get them young and let them grow into your environments. Like many other houseplants, these also require bright, indirect sunlight. When watering, make sure to keep the plant moist and the leaves hydrated with some light spritzing during their growing season, and then water only once or twice a month (or as needed) as they become more dormant.




Jade is a true sun lover! This larger succulent requires full sun and slightly moist soil. Water this plant only when the top of the soil is dry. 



This article originally ran on July 31, 2015 but was updated by the editorial staff on March 5, 2020.