How to Remain Inspired (When You Feel the Complete Opposite)


Despite all the moments in life that remind us how great we’re doing, there are others that make us wonder how we’ll ever get to where we want to be. We’ve all experienced this — you sit down in front of your laptop and face a screen that’s as blank as your mind feels. Or maybe it’s not a blank screen, but another rejection email from a company you were hoping to work for.

Although these disappointments are a part of our growth, they tend to affect our inspiration in the process. As a human, you can’t expect to be completely calm in the face of a setback — but you don’t have to lose your inspiration or drive because of it either. In order to re-discover the feeling that made you start this journey in the first place, here are five tips to help you remain inspired (when you’re feeling the complete opposite).


1. Embrace your struggle (instead of being embarrassed by it)

Here’s a secret about every decision you’ll ever make — they’ll all challenge you in one way or another. So instead of viewing your struggle as a weak moment in your life, recognize that your ability to accept that you’re struggling is the real strength.

By embracing this difficult experience, you’ll not only lift the pressure to perform off yourself, but you’ll most likely discover a positive lesson in its place. As hard as it is to go through, it’s sometimes our hardest moments that bring us our best work. So the next time you feel at a loss, recognize that you’re facing this wall because you’re meant to fight your way past it.


2. Do something you enjoy

One of the greatest ways to handle feeling un-inspired is by taking a break to do what you love. From calling your best friend to talk about the latest episode of your favorite show to cooking up your favorite meal, indulge in some personal time to yourself — and don’t feel guilty for doing it.

Although it’s hard to step away from a problem you want to find an answer for, your health and happiness are a priority that shouldn’t be ignored. Allow your mind a break from the expectations you’ve set for yourself and you may be surprised by how much easier it is to meet them.


3. Change your environment

Having a normal routine will guarantee you get your work done, but always sticking to it is one of the reasons why you’re feeling stuck. The solution? To switch up your environment in order to engage your mind and find new perspectives. Whether it’s sitting at a different coffee shop to write or going to another museum to be exposed to ideas, surrounding yourself in a new place is the perfect step to feeling inspired by what you come across.


4. Seek advice from others

If you’re having difficulty with attaining your original drive, confiding in loved ones and reaching out to those who are successful to you is another effective approach. The combination of hearing words of encouragement and the different ways people gain inspiration should be enough for you to realize you’re not the only person who becomes discouraged at times. Remind yourself that feeling un-inspired doesn’t make you less talented — it just makes you human.


5. Reflect on why what you’re doing matters to you

The idea that we must constantly feel inspired is an unrealistic expectation and the problem is that so many of us seem to accept and strive for it. Instead of dwelling on why the most you’ve wanted to do lately is binge Netflix, contemplate why what you’re trying to do matters to you.

Do you write because it’s the way you share yourself? Do you want a job in event planning because you love weddings? Do you run marathons because it’s the only stress-reliever you enjoy? Regardless of what your passion is, there’s a reason you discovered it and reminding yourself of what the reasons are may be the extra push you need to continue it.


How do you reclaim your inspiration when you’re feeling adrift? Tell us in the comments below!