How to Rock Animal Print This Fall

The concept of trends and styles being recycled is nothing new. We’ve seen this most recently with fanny packs, cycling shorts, and neon-everything. (My mom is reliving her best 80s life right now!). Though this specific trend never completely went out of style, it’s safe to say animal prints are back in full swing this fall, and I am totally here for it. Be on the lookout for the wildest prints coming out this season — from bold, leopard sweaters to knee-high snakeskin boots. If you are not sure how to join this fearless, feline movement, here are some inspo pieces to add to your wardrobe, and how to wear them:


Mix and match prints

Source: emilisindlev

Cheetahs and zebras and giraffes, oh my! In the past, animal prints were solely to be worn as a statement piece, typically in the form of a cute sweater. Mixing and matching was definitely a no-go. In 2018 we’re living by the motto “go big or go home” with a full animal print ensemble. Mixing a zebra top with a ruffled, cheetah skirt is now a totally acceptable outfit. Also, don’t be afraid to pair together two different cheetah prints that don’t completely match, either!


Let leopard be the new neutral

Source: chrissyford

If wearing an entire animal print look seems too intimidating to start off with, try introducing this trend into your closet by adding them to your everyday outfits.

Pair your classic denim with a leopard blouse, and top it off with a leather jacket for some extra flair. Wear some snakeskin-printed heels with your favorite black sweater dress for a more subtle pop of print, or be bold with a full-length, cheetah coat to let your jacket do the talking!


Add a pop of color

Source: rocky_barnes

Take these fierce prints up a notch by styling them with a bright statement color this fall. If you’re out for the night, go for a bold, red cheetah dress with heels for an extra sexy look. A deep blue, leopard sweater with leather leggings is also great to create an edgy aesthetic. You can also try pairing any animal print with a neon bag, earrings, or shoes!


Don’t forget shoes & accessories!

Source: maracas

Animal prints don’t always have to be the main feature of the outfit; sometimes the accessories can steal the show! You can still be on-trend this season by simply popping in some funky, printed earrings or grabbing a printed clutch to complete any fashion forward outfit. Also, investing in a pair of animal-printed booties for your closet is never a bad decision, as you can wear them year-round and for years to come.

However you decide to rock your animal print this season, remember to wear it with confidence and be the queen of the jungle that you are!

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