Trend Alert: How to Style Bike Shorts


By now if you haven’t tried the bike shorts trend, you’ve at the very least seen them all over Instagram. This trend started blowing up last year and I, probably just like you, was a little confused. I actually thought to myself, “you mean those things that moms wore in the ’80s to workout? There’s no way that’ll catch on.” I now believe that is how some of the biggest trends start off.

Bike shorts now have almost nothing to do with working out or moms. Can I get a thank god for that?!

This trend may seem a little intimidating, and you may think that there’s no way you could pull it off — but after having tried it for myself, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. Though this look may have started with high fashion and Instagram influencers, it is in no way reserved exclusively for the social media starlets.

One of the great things about bike shorts is that they’re so affordable and versatile. If you’re ready to give them a shot but still unsure of how to wear them, I’m sharing five outfits anyone can try. 


1. Professional: blazer + belt bag + heels



Henny, if you want to talk about a lewk, this is it. This is one of the most common ways I’ve seen bike shorts styled. Try pairing a pair of plain black bike shorts with an oversized blazer and a belt bag. You can leave it open with a T-shirt tucked in underneath or button it up for a super classy look. This can be worn with sneakers, but try throwing on your favorite pair of heels to make your legs look amazing. That is what we call a boss babe!



2. Night out: flowy blouse + clutch + pointed toe 



This look is great for a date night or for drinks out with the girls. Wear them with a flowy blouse or button-down shirt that comes down below your butt for a simple and sexy look. Adding in a pointed toe — whether its a heel, kitten heel, or flat — is going to elevate the whole outfit. It’s a great alternative to try if you’re looking for something different and a bit edgier than the typical jeans and cute top date night look.



3. Casual: black shirt + structured bag + white sneakers



I love striving for the whole model-off-duty look without, you know, the being-a-model thing. This is a great outfit to run errands (and avoid the paparazzi) in on the weekends. Going for an all-black outfit still makes you look fashionable and chic without having to put too much effort in. Adding in black sunnies, a structured bag, and white sneakers will make any outfit look more put together and complete.



4. On the go: hoodie + jacket + baseball hat



I like to call this look “girl on the go” because it’ll make you look like you’ve always got somewhere to be, or maybe even a flight to catch somewhere foreign. Don’t be surprised if someone asks you where you’re headed — nobody has to know it’s just around the corner to Starbucks. In all seriousness, this outfit is perfect for travel or when it’s not as nice outside. Try it with a tweed jacket or long trench coat for a really cute look! The hoodie and baseball hat adds in that athleisure aspect we all love.



5. Workout: two-piece set



OK, so sometimes bike shorts are about working out, and if you haven’t heard yet, it’s all about the sets. To be completely honest, they get me more motivated and excited to go to pilates. Try wearing a matching top and bottom next time you workout (or you just want to make it look like you workout — totally kidding)! Matching sets in bold colors, animal prints, and pinstripes are really on-trend too!




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