How to Style Your Bathroom

  • Copy by: Caroline Wilder

In our home, what rooms do we typically care most about when it comes to a full revamp? The kitchen and bathroom. But realistically, those renovations can require a quite a bit of cash and only really make sense if we own the home. And when it comes to styling bathrooms, a lot of us feel a stumped. How much can you do to make a bathroom look better without making some major (and expensive!) changes? In a room where everything has a specific function, you want those items to also be beautiful.

Let’s take a look at how we can transform our bathrooms into the perfect getting ready space.

Fixtures and Hardware

Source: Sabbe Design

Swapping out light fixtures, cabinet hardware, or even a showerhead are easy and affordable ways to up your style in a small space. Check out more rental friendly changes for your home here.


Source: Caroline Wilder

Your mirror likely takes up the biggest amount of wall space. Give your bathroom a facelift by trading in your old mirror for a new one. Our suggestion? We are loving round mirrors right now!


Source: Caroline Wilder

You obviously need towels and, most often, they’ll be laying out—so they might as well be pretty! New towels or not, take your bath towel and fold it into thirds (vertically) and drape over the side of the tub. A basket or stool to store and display extra towels is always a great touch.

Bathtub or Shower

Source: Caroline Wilder

It sounds silly, but there’s actually a lot you can do to pretty up a bathtub or shower. Drape fresh eucalyptus over the showerhead for some added greenery and an aroma-therapeutic shower experience. Hate your shower floor? Cover it with a teak slat floor tile. Want to add some luxury to your bathtub? Add a tub tray for leisurely tea drinking and book reading.

The main goal: Keep it tidy! The simpler the better. Soap, shampoo, conditioner, a razor, and face wash are all you really need.


Source: Caroline WIlder

The key to a beautiful countertop is to love everything that’s visible, no matter how functional. Whether hung or out on the counter, keep hand towels in a tri-fold. Find a soap dispenser that you love. If you keep makeup brushes, cotton balls, or Q-tips out on the counter, put them in pretty containers. Glass jars and canisters are game changers!

The Extras

Source: Yves Lefebvre

Here’s where we can have fun! Plants, candles, jewelry dishes, and vases with bare twigs are all on the list. Or add art. (We love the boldness of this skull above.) So get creative! Maybe you want to install a branch on the wall instead of in a vase.

Tell us, what area of your bathroom are you most proud of? 

  • JerseyJ

    I really wanted a palm print shower curtain, but the ones I found online were expensive. I found one at Ross for 9 dollars (!!!) last year and it made me love my bathroom. I also found a marble tray/slab for the wide window sill and some candles and a faux orchid (all from Home Goods) and now my bathroom has the tropical/spa vibe I always wanted. It really doesn’t take much to make your bathroom pretty.

  • Riley Nowlan

    Love the mirror and the light fixtures!

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Rieka Timm

    These are all great tips, but I have to say it’s pretty unrealistic to have bathrooms that look like these in a rental or even starter house. The only one remotely feasible is the one in the title caption. Would have preferred to see more realistic “makeovers,” such as what JerseyJ added to her bathroom.

  • Melissa Bennett

    Where’s the towel clip in the top picture from? Thanks!!

  • youmenumberthree

    I really love the bathrooms in this, that mirror!!

    Thank you for the tips on how to style towels, this is always an issue for people with smaller bathrooms.

    Lovely blog.


  • Jessica Sheppard

    I had the outside of my bear claw rental tub painted a matte black, and paired it with a statement shower curtain. I am lucky enough to have a very relaxed landlord. They were reglazing the tub anyway and I convinced them that the matte black would add value. Major score. 🙂

  • All of these things are great ideas for making the bathroom a place you love! I personally love pretty display of items on the counter and towels. I also make sure my shower/tub is always clean & tidy. Guests love to use my bathroom because they know its always ready to go!

  • These ideas are so beautiful! Unfortunately, I’m renting at the moment so can’t make many changes to the bathroom and kitchen. However, I try to add little touches like flowers and cute rose gold trays and have a beautiful rose gold holder that holds everything over the shower head. It’s the little things, at the moment! X