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An Interior Designer Spills How to Decorate Your Bedroom for Better Sleep


At the end of a busy day, you want nothing more than to get a good night’s sleep — but that’s sometimes easier said than done. As an interior decorator, I have decorated many spaces, and a good night’s sleep is something that I take into account when selecting items for a bedroom. You really want to make your bedroom conducive for an amazing night’s rest. Here are my tips to help you stop counting sheep and get your eight hours of rest.



1. Pay attention to your bed!

An amazing mattress is always key, but personal preference plays into this quite a bit. Some like it firm, others soft, and many like something in between. I always recommend trying them out first. If you are ever at a hotel and get an amazing night’s sleep, ask the manager for details on the mattress.

Once your mattress is in place, the next important item is bedding. I know there are many bed-in-a-bag options out there, but I recommend spending a little bit more and picking out something you love and paying attention to fabric options. Linen is a great option for bedding, because it’s cold when you need it to be and warm when you need to be. I love this gray Belgian linen duvet set because it’s been pre-washed, making it super soft and relaxed looking.

I’m all about a cozy bed and getting into it as much as possible, but I still like making my bed when I’m done. So I’m happy that with linen, if you have any wrinkles, they’re supposed to be there because it’s part of the relaxed look. Pro Tip: climbing into a made bed at the end of a long day 





2. Rituals

As any parent knows, getting your kids into a routine is crucial for a happy child and stress-free bedtime. The same can be said for adults. We need ritual and routine to let our body know it’s time to start relaxing for bed! If you have time, drawing a bath with lavender bath salts is always a win. The ritual of drawing the bath water, adding the bath salts, and then getting in the bath to enjoy a new book, listen to a podcast, or just get some blissful uninterrupted silence all make for a luxurious experience where you get to treat yourself!

Another ritual that I do on a daily basis is a hot cup of tea. I tend to get anxious, and when I find my anxiety creeping up on me, nothing settles me more than boiling water and picking out my favorite mug and some Sleepy Time Tea with honey — and then that running to-do list in my head starts to fade.




3. Layers

Don’t forget about your windows when designing your bedroom. You don’t know how many times I have seen paper or sheets covering a window instead of an actual window treatment. In this room, we already had black out roman shades, but added a patterned drape to flank it for more interest and pattern and an additional texture layer. Black out liner is amazing. It will literally make your bedroom a cocoon, and you won’t know if it’s day time or night time when they are drawn.

Paint can also be considered a layer in a room. We went with a dark and moody gray color that really helps bring a cozy and warm feel to the space.  Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore is a designer favorite for a dark shade of gray that doesn’t lean purple.




4. Aroma

Sometimes you need a little help to get into a relaxing and cozy state, and one method of getting relaxed quickly is through aroma. Lavender is especially known to help relax you and make falling asleep easily. If you have a linen closet, a quick and inexpensive solution is to pick up a lavender linen sachet and leave it in the closet with your bedding. Everything will come out smelling heavenly.  If you want a stronger dose of lavender, then a spritz of lavender linen spray on your pillow is what you would need — or perhaps use scented candles instead on your nightstand.




5. Mood lighting

When you are trying to fall asleep, overhead lighting is a big no-no. The best lighting for a cozy environment is low lighting. We swapped out the nightstand lamps here with new pink and marble-based lamps that casted a much smaller glow.



What’s your own best advice for falling asleep more easily? Which of these tips are you excited to add to your own nighttime routine?