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This post was sponsored by La Marca Prosecco but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl Media Group editorial board.

QUIZ: The #1 Change You Should Make At Your Job This Year

written by THE EVERYGIRL

That fresh New Year’s energy is right upon us. And it’s usually the time we start getting curious about our own next chapters or what we could be doing differently to be sure we’re living our best lives. Even a small change on the job front can have huge payoffs when you’re resetting and rebalancing your self-care, family, and career.

We’ve partnered with La Marca Prosecco to bring you a self-check on what change you might be ready to make to switch up your career trajectory so that you can step into the new year as your most empowered self. La Marca believes that we should celebrate those tiny, everyday moments—because they add up to elevating our whole life. Even if we’re not explicitly on the hunt for a new job opportunity, there are a number of ways we can level up our work experiences in 2022. So grab a coupe of bubbles and find out what action you should take at your job this year! 


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La Marca Prosecco is an elegant sparkling wine grown in the heart of Italy’s Prosecco region. La Marca Prosecco believes in celebrating the joy in everyday moments, including the tireless work that so many women go through to make their dreams come true. A focus on career empowerment has always been part of The Everygirl’s mission, and our partnership with La Marca Prosecco has helped us take that mission into the real world with live and virtual events, small business grants, and more. Let’s raise a glass to that!



This post was sponsored by La Marca Prosecco but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl Media Group editorial board.