Julia Goodwin’s San Francisco Home Tour

Julia Goodwins’s perfectly accessorized San Francisco home compliments her career beautifully. As the owner of an interior design company, she has created an eclectic and inspiring space where color is a staple. As a California State University student she held several internships; she spent one summer in Long Beach with friends where she ultimately scored an internship with a residential design firm. Her bosses threw her right into the action and she was forced to learn quickly.

After graduation, Julia relocated to the Los Angeles area and worked for a design center that allowed her to make some lasting connections—many she now counts as clients. By 2008, she felt ready to make the leap out on her own as a small business owner and Julia Goodwin Design was born. Julia now calls San Francisco home; her one bedroom home also houses her business—we promise you’ll want to see how she set’s up shop in her colorful home office.

Keep reading to hear more about Julia’s approach to design, building her own company, and her advice to others who want to do the same.

Name: Julia Goodwin
Age: 33
Current job/company: Owner and Interior Designer, Julia Goodwin Design
Education: BA in Interior Design from California State University, Chico

During college you held a few amazing design internships—now you have your own design company! Tell us about the process of starting your own company. 
Running my own company was not just a goal for me—it was a choice I made long before I ever started the company. I knew when choosing my career that I had to gain not only experience in the field, but experience that would provide access to as much as possible—allowing me to grow as a designer with no time wasted!

Of course I was scared and nervous when the time came to start my own company, but I had a great support system with my family and friends and ultimately knew I was ready. Once I officially set out on my own I networked and networked, but I also had a little bit of luck. I constantly attended events—both those that did and did not have anything to do with interior design. Surrounded by tech professional friends and family, I realized it doesn’t hurt to be the only designer in the room at functions. Often, this is the environment where I’m able to have the memorable conversation that leads to new clients.

What is the best piece of advice you have for young designers wanting to start their own company?
When running your own business (especially in the beginning) approach it as if you know you may never stop working. Do not start a business if you think it will be easier than working for an employer—I hear this way too often. Be prepared for sleepless nights and uneasy thoughts about a lack of steady income. Scary right? It’s true!

All that said, it’s a great ride if it’s your passion. You never know when you will meet your next client or what will inspire you. Keep your eyes open as well as your heart. Too often we don’t ask questions and don’t approach people enough; I encourage you to do so as your business will rely on it!

Start by making a list of all your contacts. You’ll be surprised how many true connections you have that can help you. Reach out and ask to meet for coffee and advice. Make yourself a familiar face with vendors by regularly stopping in both small boutiques as well as big box stores. They will not only help you with selections, but they will also remember to make sure you are on the invite list to events—which may help you connect with clients. These vendors are your lifelines!

Networking requires you to get out of your comfort zone—especially if you have to attend events alone or strike up conversations with strangers. It’s not easy at first, but you will make friends that share your interests and will inspire you along the way. When you work alone, it can get lonely. These friends will be there for you to help on projects, for business advice, and more.

Take us through a typical day. 
Every day is different—an environment I both love and thrive in. Typically, I start my mornings at 6 a.m. by responding to emails and following up with pressing questions. Then I head out for a run or a TRX class—this is “me” time before the busy day really gets going. Back at the office I write out a to-do list to make sure I stay on task. After another check of emails and swooning over Instagram and visiting blogs, I hit the road feeling even more inspired.

I swing by job sites for progress checks, meetings with contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc. Many times I have meetings with clients and then do research stops at the design center. I also visit some of my favorite boutiques or galleries in the Bay Area. I also love it when it comes time to visit custom fabricators. There are so many talented artists in the design world and I’m lucky to be able to collaborate with them.

I try to make it back to the office where I review and update timelines, budgets, and quotes; then I’m again sending email and making calls. I aim to finish by 6 or 7 p.m. and either go out to dinner with my boyfriend or cook at home where we enjoy a glass (or two) of wine. If there is a band in town I want to see, I don’t hesitate to go. One of the perks of working for yourself is that you can typically adjust your schedule as needed. Depending on the evening, I revisit emails and try to log off by 9 p.m. I unwind with either a good book or a TV show for a good laugh. On the weekends we love to spend time outside doing something active or occasionally we just relax at the wineries.

What has been your favorite project to date? Why?
That’s a hard one! Each of my clients is different from the next. Typically by the end of the project, we become close friends. I work with busy families as well as bachelor and bachelorette clients. I’m currently working on a home for a bachelorette in San Francisco. She wants to have a space that reflects her busy city life as opposed to the traditional home she owns in Alabama. Her home here will be contemporary, yet warm and inviting and it will be perfect for entertaining her friends. It will be filled with plush yet clean lined furnishings, commissioned artwork, and custom furniture. She is fun to work with and happy to take risks with the design.

Let’s chat about your home! Do you rent or own? How long have you lived there?
I love my home! I’ve been renting my home for almost a year and half. I rent—luckily it’s spacious! I’ve lived here for about a year and a half. Built in 1908, my home is full of charm on the inside—moldings, crystal doorknobs, hardwood floors, and large windows with great views. I even have a great view out of my office!

I live in Lower Pacific Heights and I absolutely love my neighborhood. I’m right by a popular street filled with home furnishing stores and clothing boutiques, not to mention wonderful wine bars and cafes. I even get historic walking tours with 15 or more people stopping in front of my house to take pictures; I don’t blame them, San Francisco is such a beautiful city.

One of the advantages of living in a city with a great music scene is that I’m privileged to have one of the best music venues around the corner. The Fillmore is one of my very favorite music venues! If you get a chance to catch a show there, please go!

What is your design philosophy?
I strive to make every home I design innovative and accessible. I want to give my clients a functional home that’s beautifully designed around their lives and their needs. I love a good mix of both high and low items that cause my clients to forget their preconceptions of a space.

I believe that no space should be unapproachable; spaces should always reflect who lives there and should have great energy. A home should grow with you and you with it!

What are your tips for decorating on a budget?
Do your research and invest in what makes you happy. There are so many places to look for inspiration.

Some of my favorite places to shop for myself and my clients are: Zinc Details, Jonathan Adler (both stores on Fillmore Street, just a block or so away) and HD Buttercup. I work with a number of local artists that help me to create custom furnishings for my clients. Of course, I love to find a great piece at a flea market (Alameda or the Treasure Island Flea Markets) and to use it in a unique way that gives it new life. I’m a big believer in that nothing has to be forever, though I suggest investing in artwork and playing more with accessories or throw pillows.

We love the artwork in your home! Do you have specific place you like to get art?  
I simply buy what I love. I keep my eyes open and collect artwork wherever I find it. It doesn’t have to be expensive; I just have to enjoy it. I love to draw and while it’s extremely personal, I’ve only recently started to put my own work on display. I have a few of my drawings of animals framed in the kitchen and some abstract pieces in the hallway. My family and friends have been extremely supportive of all my work.

What is your favorite thing about your space?
Designing a space that is for you and you alone is not something you always get to do in life. I bring in what inspires me and what I’m drawn to. I love the light that filters in through the large bay windows, the molding, and the built-in cabinets. What I think I love the most is my blue sofa—it’s where I sit with friends, host craft nights, and, most of all, relax after a crazy day!

What advice would you give your 23-year-old self?
Ah, I would tell her so much! Most important of all, don’t make excuses and just DO IT! It’s scary to take risks, to move forward but keep reaching and never be afraid to ask for help. Trust your gut and don’t look back.

Julia Goodwin is The Everygirl…

Dream purchase for your home? 
Lighting! I would love to have custom lighting throughout. That being said I dream of removing walls and rearranging the kitchen layout.

Coffee order?
I love a mint mojito from Philz or an Americano from Saint Frank.

Perfect weekend in San Francisco? 
Saturday: Sleep in, run along Crissy Field or embark on an urban hike, take my boyfriend’s dog to the park (I swear he smiles the whole time). I like to end the day by grabbing dinner at the chef’s table at SPQR (my favorite restaurant) followed by visiting a local music venue.
Sunday: Sleep in, pick up fresh produce and flowers at the Ferry Building, grab brunch with friends and relax before the busy week ahead.

Guilty pleasure?
I’m British—Masterpiece Theatre. Repeat.

If you could have lunch with any woman, who would it be and what would you order?
If anything was possible, I’d love to be able to sit down with my mother at my age. We would sit across from each other and swap stories. We would have high tea in Oxford and the laughter would flow from there.


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    Nothing too flashy, but still cute, summery, and easy-going! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

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  • Carey On Lovely

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  • Danielle

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    -Megan ([email protected])

  • Brooke

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  • Callan

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    [email protected]

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  • hopelesstrees

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  • Katie

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  • Lela

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  • Lily

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    However, I recenely bought a lighter wash and styled it with a dark chambray tunic and black leather jacket. Loved it. Would do the same with these 🙂

  • Zulma Yost

    I’d wear these with nude peep toe heels and a hot pink sheer top!!!
    [email protected]

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    [email protected]

  • Bry

    sparkly chunky jewelry, a sheer white top, nude or white strappy heels, hot pink lipstick and my hot pink clutch, heyo!

  • Whitney Fitzgerald

    I would definitely pair these Madewell white jeans with my adorable blue polka dot J. Crew button down, a brown braided belt with a huge Lucky buckle, brown strappy wedges, Clair Vivier leopard clutch and a chunky layer necklace for a fun Sunday brunch out with my girls with a little shopping afterwards.

  • aclearcutsign

    For a summer night look, I’d pair these white jeans with a silk black racer-back tank top, simple black ankle strap heels, gold jewelry, red lips and wavy hair.

  • I love white jeans styled with edgy accessories, a great pair of heels and then a feminine top to balance out the look.

    [email protected]

  • Karen

    I’d wear them with my navy blue/white striped shirt during the day!

  • I’d pair the white jeans with a shorter, nude-colored leather top and layer several delicate gold necklaces at different lengths. I’d “bunhead” it with a top knot and put a pair of colorful printed heeled sandals to add a little pop to the overall ensemble. Oh, and a bright lipstick to top it all off.

    PS- LOVE look #2!


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    My ideal nighttime look with these jeans would be what I like to call effortlessly chic. Pair them with YSL’s latest sexy black stiletto- the Jane- and an a-line black tank with a hint of shimmer with tossled hair and a red lip..and wha-la! The perfect effortlessly chic look for night that’s perfect for dinner, drinks and dancing!


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    [email protected]

  • Robin

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  • Fatima Ibrahim

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  • Emily L

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  • Julia

    i would wear nude ankle strap heels, a navy and white polka dot silk tank, with statement earrings and coral lips!

  • Jessica H

    I love white jeans with nude heels or wedges for work, beaded sandals for the weekend and open toe heels for night! I LOVE white jeans!

  • Caitlin H.

    White jeans + a colorful rickshaw tunic + leather tote + flat leather sandles + ray ban aviators for a casual weekend day look!

  • Gabby

    I bought a white lacey shirt from madewell that will work great with these jeans!

    Email: [email protected]

  • Joanne

    I would wear my white Madewell jeans with a Chambray top. A fresh look for denim on denim!

  • Celeste

    for day: a chambray top with a glitzy statement necklace & nude shoes.

    for night: a more flow-y blouse, statement heels, and simple jewelry.

    [email protected]

  • Christine

    I like white jeans with a white blazer and navy or magenta silk tank. It’s uniform with some pow.

  • Wheeler

    I’d wear white jeans with a dark chambray shirt with the brightest summer flats and a hair scarf! Then I’d mix it up at night with a block heel and embellished blouse.

  • Tiff Williamson

    ohhhhh love this! I’d pair these jeans with a fitted white tank, black heels, black purse, leopard print scarf, tortoise ray bans and gold jewelry. Simple but timeless and elegant at the same time!

  • Taylor Schaffer

    These pants would be perfect for a day around the office when I’m not quite needing to be dressed up but want to be a step above, “I’m here. What else do you need?”

  • Megan

    I love all of Lacey’s looks! Since I have a great company who allows us to wear jeans everyday, I would style them for day with my favorite bright red peplum top simple gold accessories and strappy tan wedges. I’d also bring my collar-less blue blazer along for meetings.

  • Allison

    For night, I love white jeans with a bright top and wedges! It’s the best summer look!

  • Rachel

    I love my white jeans with a pair of leopard loafers and my trusty chambray!

  • b*schus

    Love this and Madewell jeans. I would style my white jeans with a loose tank, layered necklaces, and bright, heeled sandals.

  • Love these jeans! I would style it with a lace tank. I’m really into the cream and white combo lately. So probably a cream lace tank that is semi long, with a white cami underneath. Pop with some colorful jewelry!

  • gull

    Firstly, white jeans are like that priceless jewel that works with everything and still manages to look as priceless as ever. Plus, they work all year around.
    1.Rocker-Look:- With a brown biker jacket, coral satin-silk crop top and studded stilettos in coral( or white) with a bright statement necklace and one of those speaker shaped clutches so in these days.
    2. Jewel inspired-Sapphire blue satin sleeveless top with an emerald green tailored jacket as a cape and emerald green ballet pumps. Add a delicate gold wired necklace with some pearls, cute pearl earrings and some dainty bracelets and rings in both blue and green and the look is complete. oh, and don’t forget, a cute little chained clutch in print in blue-green/green-white.

  • Amanda

    Love the white and black look! I would style with my silk navy blue tank and wedges for an outdoor cocktail night this summer!

  • mjmoore

    I’d wear them with a graphic tank and strappy wedges for a day look!

  • Meggo

    I’d wear them with my madewell chambray shirt and strappy sandals for a casual weekend brunch, along with a bright colored bag.

  • Laura

    I’d wear these jeans with a light flowy bright colored top, cute black heels, and must have the sunglasses! Love the jeans

  • Sarah Ann

    this has inspired me to whip out a pair of great white jeans and a slinky tank for my upcoming bachlorette and not be one of those girls in the white body con dress. thanks for the great idea!

  • B.A.

    White jeans to work with a blazer and belt, looped llke shown on Lacey’s website! Lose the blazer and belt for the underlying tank and change of shoes to go to happy hour! -B.A.

  • courtney d

    I would style them with a pink checked button up top and sandals for the day.

  • Justine

    I would style a white-on-white outfit to celebrate summer!

  • Lisa

    I’d wear these white jeans with my mint silk blouse from J. Crew, strappy sandals and my funky Urban Outfitters sunglasses to a patio happy hour with the best friend!

  • Marisa

    For night, I would style them with patterned espadrilles and a coordinating silk blouse. Top it off with some boho-inspired jewelry and it would be Madewell perfection!

  • lindsey

    i would pair them with a navy t, a fun necklace, and wedges!

  • Eva

    I would add some color for this white jeans: either turquise shirt and gold high heels or yellow blazer with white top. my email: [email protected]

  • kida

    so nice to see Lacey! i would definitely be bold, and make those jeans an autumn workhorse! with great brown leather shoes, crisp plaid shirt, and navy sweater:) accents include gold watch (must have) and simple earrings!

  • Love a good pair of white jeans! I’d wear them with cognac wedges, a chambray shirt and a messy bun … and about a million other ways… it’s hard to go wrong with a classic piece like that as your base!

  • Loving this! I would pair my white jeans with a flowy black tank top for night with a pair of fun colored heels.

    [email protected]

  • Emily K.

    I’d love to style these with a cozy sweater and boots for fall, or a sexy tank and heels or wedges for summer!

  • I’ve been looking for the right pair of white jeans for months! During the day I would pair them with a chambray shirt, slim leather belt, brown leather flats and a messy bun. At night, trade the chambray for a white tank, swap the leather belt for a neon yellow one, and throw on a black blazer and tall heels. I have a neon yellow clutch that would go great with this look.

    [email protected]

  • Julie {Julip Made}

    Yay for Lacey! I’d wear white jeans with a chambray top and a neon Bauble Bar necklace with derby loafers for day. I’d switch out the chambray for a black leather peplum top and some killer colorful pumps for night!

  • Kate

    I’d love to pair these jeans with my rikshaw anchor tunic. Perfect for a hot summer day.

  • i love a good white jean! i wouldn’t wear these during the day, for fear of my children spilling something on them, 🙂 but i would love to wear these on a date. some booties and a denim button up would be a fun look! thanks for the chance!

  • Keira

    I would pair the pants with a relaxed-fit chambray, a camel belt, statement necklace and chunky wedges

    [email protected]

  • I love white on white; something with a bit of texture on top to break it up a little bit– lace, eyelet, etc. OR chambray always looks so nice with a statement necklace!

    [email protected]

  • I’d style these jeans with an airy mint-hued tunic, studded bangles, nude flats, and a bright pink lip.

  • Love the classic black and white look – inspired my outfit today!

    I would love to pair these jeans with a pretty floral peplum top, my nude with pink polka dots J Crew Factory flats, and a pop of pink with my new Kate Spade purse! For night, I’d switch out the flats for a pair of sky high wedges!

    [email protected]

  • lsp

    I’d wear these jeans with a neon top and chunky gold jewelry for date night!

  • Megan

    I would keep it classic.. black v neck silk blouse.. white jeans and black patent point toe sling backs.. tassel necklace. That outfit will never go out of style ! [email protected]

  • Janiece

    I’d wear these with a white blouse and white heels. I love the all white trend!
    janiece dot reinhardt at gmail dot com

  • rachel

    I’d do a chic black and white look — a chiffon black shirt with black heels or sandals.

  • Hanna Peterson

    I’d wear these white jeans with a chambray shirt, layered bracelets and neutral wedges. Versatile!

  • Becky

    I have a blue and white gauzey top that would be fab with skinny white jeans. Then some white flat braided sandals and a long necklace and I’m good to go.

  • I’d wear these jeans with my polka dotted mint blouse and some bright flats. Then the greater challenge is to keep from spilling my coffee on their pristine whiteness!

  • Dee

    I would style the jeans with a brightly patterned top, flat sandals and gold accessories for an easy day look. There’s something so chic about clean, white jeans that a simple outfit like that would still look so put together.

  • I love to wear white jeans with a colorful patterned top and cute sandals. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    [email protected]

  • Betsy

    Day office look – button polka dot oxford w/ flower flats, and modest statement necklace!

  • TamikaSims

    These are super chic! I’d love to wear them with and white tanks, a fab black sleeveless blazer and red pumps for a night time look! [email protected]

  • MJ

    Love the classic look of white denim with a black top. I’d definitely add a pop of color in the accessories too!

    [email protected]

  • Stefanie gladden

    I’d wear these gorgeous jeans with a pink blouse & a pair of heels for a girls night out!

  • Patti

    I’d wear these white jeans with a neon pink or neon green top and beige wedge sandals! Love white jeans! [email protected]

  • A Key to the Armoire

    I’d style them for a day look with a white broderie anglaise top and colorful satin espadrilles, lots of gold bangles, and a wicker bag! Love white jeans 🙂

  • Misha

    White jeans + chambray + colorful heels!
    Great giveaway!

  • Cher

    I’ve been dying for a pair of white jeans. I’d wear a navy blue top and leopard shoes! Red lipstick of course

  • Tabitha Ellett

    I’d pair them with a shock of bright blue in the form of a blousey button down shirt, as well as a long pendant necklace and my silver flats. Perfect for a casual Friday to a night on the town with the addition of a red lip!

  • Alexandra Cosgrove

    Comfy and classic – white jeans with a chambray top!

  • Cait

    I’d wear these jeans with a white silk blouse and metallic gold and black belt!

  • Colleen Boudreau

    with a black and white striped blazer.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  • Brittany Martin

    I’d wear my white jeans with my H&M leopard shirt, J.Crew peach belt, and my Madewell hot pink heels for day and transition to night with big gold hoops and my camel leather jacket.

  • Emily Davis

    White jeans, white t, army jacket, sandals, and a leopard clutch. THAT is perfection.

  • ashley k

    I’d paid it with a bright yellow, flowy top and a pair of wedges!

  • briitany k

    I would wear it with a floral chiffon top, dangly earrings and wedges!

    littleassemblyrequired at gmail dot com

  • em

    chambray and polka dot ballet flats!

  • Kandidly Kelsey

    I’d wear these white jeans with a mint peter pan collared shirt and my cheetah print loafers to work, then I would change into a sequined top and some strappy black heels for an evening look.

  • Nancy Moncrief

    I’d style them with a neutral t with a statement necklace and some nude wedges… maybe a white blazer with that and some gold jewelry.

  • These would be so cute with awesome colorful flats and a tank with a statement necklece

  • Katie Weber

    I would style white jeans with a chambray shirt, leopard print flats, and a statement necklace. Add a cuff and a slouchy fold over clutch and you’re good to go from shopping to drinks out1

  • Susan

    I would pair these with a striped tee or tank, preppy wedges and a chunky necklace for a nautical inspired look

  • Cornelia Dodge

    I’d pair these white jeans with a coral silk top, jeweled sandals and a chunky white bracelet for a Palm Beach vibe…….

  • Carolyn Pace

    I would love to pair these white jeans with a blazer and ruffle blouse. Would be great for work wear then without the blazer for night time.
    [email protected]

  • Amy

    I would wear these jeans with a coral blouse, matching pumps and a chunky rose gold necklace. amylynnbee22(at)gmail

  • Day: a flowy blouse with a lovely pair of wedges:) love my woodroze sunglasses:) hef117 (at) gmail (dot) com

  • TrishCF

    I’d pair the white jeans with my black peplum top, nude strappy wedge heels and a statement necklace.

    [email protected]

  • Freja Soininen

    Oooh, white jeans!! I’ve never ever worn white bottoms .. I’d wear a big loose black top and blazer with a large sparkling necklace, a real showstopper.

  • Lynn

    I love Madwell! I would style these white jeans for a day of shopping with a white crochet cropped sweater, hair up in a messy top knot, white leather studded flats and a white studded clutch. Thanks for the giveaway! lynnbulk83(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • EdeeGourmet

    Would absolutely love to wear these white Madewell’s with a light/med denim blue sleeveless blouse and of course, leopard print flats. Accessories would be fun and easy with gold and ivory loose bracelets.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Maura Gomez

    First of all, love Madewell! You know their jeans will be flattering. I’d dress up these great white jeans with a cute colorful tank and my new sleeveless blazer with a great belt and some wedges. There are endless options! For the day, I’d pair them with my favorite denim button down shirt and a nice necklace and flats. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Lauren

    I would wear these jeans rolled at the ankle with a navy and white striped top paired with cute pair of brown cut out flats, this would be a day look.

  • I’m bottom heavy, so to balance out the white jeans I’d have to pair them with a super bright or patterned top and of course colorful shoes.

  • I’d wear the jeans with my bright yellow pumps and a polka dot chambray top for play on the weekends!
    [email protected]

  • Kelly

    I LOVE a good pair of white jeans. I just bought this silk Vince top from TJ Maxx and I bought a pair of super discounted wedges for the J Crew Factory Outlet. All I need are the white jeans! 🙂

  • I’m going to go out of my comfort zone and say I’d pair these jeans with denim blazer, over a black burnout tee and a brightly coloured bra, and shoes to match the bra.

    Way out of my comfort zone, but so are white jeans 🙂

    My email address is nicole at knitnicoleknit dot com


    Knit, Nicole, Knit!

  • White denim is the perfect closet staple–so versatile and easy to style. I’d pair the gorgeous Madewell white jeans for day with a light patterned silky blouse with colorful flats and simple accessories.


    [email protected]

  • Amanda

    I’d love to style these jeans with a mint green chiffon blouse and raspberry cardigan! Lovely giveaway! [email protected]

  • Chloe Thompson

    I’d pair these with my new mint clutch, silver and cork wedges and a bright flowy top to bring in the best of summer in one outfit! Email [email protected]

  • Molly

    I’d pair these jeans with a bright top, my neon chain clutch, and my metallic Sam Edelman wedges for a dinner date.
    [email protected]

  • Mary Frances

    I love white jeans with a chambray top, gold sandals and a statement necklace. It’s a great way to look pulled together, without really requiring much effort.

  • andréa

    Oh I love all white looks like, the second look, with pops of accessories.

    ohvadarling gmail com

  • Jessica Olivares

    I love a pair of white jeans! They are an essential item in my closet! My favorite yet classic look is the pair of white jeans and a black blouse! You can go from day to night with a few change of accessories, for example, color pumps or an statement necklace! Oh.. I love a pair of white jeans! 🙂

  • Amy M.

    My wardrobe is seriously lacking a good pair of white jeans! I would style this with a white button-up and some pops of color – pink heels, a turquoise statement necklace, and a good pink lipstick.

  • Rachel

    White jeans + black flowy top and fitted black blazer (maybe some leather hints on it) with gold bangles = late summer office perfection.

  • Francesca Hernandez

    I’d pair white jeans with an airy, white-to-sapphire ombre top and my brown leather Liebeskind satchel. 🙂

  • I would atyle up the white denim with a simple oversized white tee, a clorful statement necklace, and nude summer wedges!

    [email protected]

  • What a great post! i have an all white party to go to later this week so this will definitely help!

  • Wearing White jeans and a Black sweather blouse to work today. Love the first look a lot!

  • Karee

    I love white jeans! Since everything goes with white jeans I’d wear a bright tank and cute sandals during the day and then a cute black tank, bright colored necklace and fun wedges at night!
    [email protected]

  • mamakdix

    White jeans with a fancy black tank and black/brown heels with a leopard clutch and gold bold jewelry.
    [email protected]

  • For day I’d probably wear a flowy blouse and metallic sandals for something easy and breezy.!

  • Julie

    I would wear these with a sleek black top!

  • Such a lovely home! <3 I would love to live in a place like this. It looks so cozy!


  • Nicole

    This is, by far, my favorite home tour. Everything is perfect. I love the gold accents and charm.

    • Thank you so much for the compliment Nicole! Nothing better than returning home after a long work day.

  • Kris

    Julia – Such a pretty, happy home you have! Congrats on your success!
    Kris (Danae’s mom!)

    • Hi!! You are too sweet:) Let me know when you come to visit SF.

  • Kath

    These posts should come with disclaimers about how much the rent is. 2 bedrooms in lower pacific heights?!

    • Hi Kath! Rent is crazy here but I was lucky enough to negotiate a good price:-) Walking out my front door and having all that SF has to offer at my doorstep makes it all worthwhile.

  • CG

    Lovely home!! Did you spray paint the ikea bookshelf? If so, what spray paint do you recommend?

    • Thank you! I did spray paint the bookshelf. I actually used a spray paint primer first then after it dried I used RUST-OLEUM metallic spray paint in gold (gloss finish). Recommend as an outdoor DIY. Take your time and fully let each quote dry. Good luck!

  • Sarah

    Julie this is beautiful! I am moving into a new apartment soon and I would love to know the paint color you used in your bedroom! I love it and I must find a place for it in my new home 🙂

    • Glad you like the color choice! The color is Benjamin Moore 1660 Polar Ice.

      • Sarah

        Thank you so much! I already found a rug to match haha

  • Anna Oates

    I love how this home still has the color even though it keeps to that minimalist style. It’s charming! The gold accents add a whole new level!


  • Wow, such a beautiful home! I especially love the pink wall and gold pouf.

    Always, Hunter

  • Melanie

    Where did you get that “create.” diner mug??

    • Thanks Melanie! It is a Rae Dunn by Magenta mug which was sold by Potterybarn a few years back. I’m sure a quick google search will help to locate one for you. Good luck!

  • Sarah

    Julia! I just searched HIGH and LOW for that Sharon Jones poster….I am thrilled to report back that I found it! Ahhh, can’t wait for it to arrive! You have a lovely home.

    • So glad you were able to find it Sarah! Sharon Jones is a true performer if you get a chance to catch a show. Excited for your new treasure!

      • Sarah

        Yes! I have seen her! She is one of our favorites — so much so, that we already have a framed picture of her on our wall! What a special woman!