How to Dress for 2022 Like The Main Character

written by MAYA G. PETE
Source: 20th Century Studios
Source: 20th Century Studios

And just like that, because the reboot of Sex and the City has caused so much buzz, chaos, and nostalgia, it’s hard to not fantasize about what it might be like to live like Carrie Bradshaw—to be the main character of a glamorously interesting and fabulous, albeit a bit chaotic, life (Seriously, who wouldn’t want to walk around New York City in heels while never taking the subway?).

While we may not all be—or, quite frankly, want to be–Carries, there is something to be said for dressing like the main character, and we say dressing the part is half the key to getting there. As time goes on, we want our stories to develop, our character to evolve, and best of all, for those around us to know our role. If your life is a series, 2022 is the start of a brand new season with all of the opportunity to grow into your best self.

Ready to take your style a step further in 2022? These tips will help you maintain main character status—even if it’s only in your own life.


Mix bold colors and prints

Source: Netflix

The key to dressing like the main character? Not being afraid to be bold and stand out from everyone else in the room. One of the easiest ways to get there? By mixing colors and prints. Sometimes, the key to this is to think less and improvise more. Pair your favorite patterned jacket with a shirt you usually let do the talking on its own or pair your brightest pants with an equally bright top instead of a neutral. The result will always look effortless, chic, and head-turning.


Choose monochrome

Source: Hulu

Monochrome is always considered a power move. The key to nailing monochrome is to choose hues that are in the same shade family but not identical (for example, khaki-colored pants with a dark brown sweater and camel coat). Pairing similar shades with one another leaves you with a look that feels impeccably polished every single time.


Master your athleisure

Source: Disney

You don’t always have to be “on”—and sometimes, more relaxed looks can end up even chicer. Take advantage of matching athleisure sets by pairing them with other basics, like your favorite wool coat and sneakers, to nail the model-off-duty vibe that looks easy to nail but is far from it.

Don’t know where to start? When in doubt, choose a base layer—like a cropped workout top and leggings—in a similar color, then layer one piece on top of it, and work from there.


Elevate your casual looks

Source: HBO Max

The best looks are often made from closet staples, and the beauty of that is that usually, they can be dressed up or down in a moment’s notice.

Heading to the office in a white button-up, jeans, and sneakers? Pack a pair of strappy heels in your bag to swap out for after-hour drinks. Heading out to dinner, then drinks? Pair your favorite leather pants and tank with a jacket you can easily take off to change the look. The opportunities are endless and make approaching getting dressed a whole lot easier.


Choose what you feel best in

Source: 20th Century Studios

No matter what you’re doing when you leave the house, you’re not going to feel confident unless you’re choosing pieces that make you feel your best. If you love a trend in theory but find yourself feeling like you don’t like it on yourself, skip it. If you thought you’d love a piece of clothing you tried at the store but find yourself pulling at it and adjusting it every time you wear it, donate it. Above all, prioritize dressing in what makes you feel like the absolute best version of yourself in 2022.