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LAST CHANCE! How to Edit Any Photo With Ease (With Just Your Phone)


Since visuals are a huge part of our business, we get a ton of questions about photo editing—from shoots with models to featured article images to posts on Instagram. 

That’s why we built this online course: to teach you everything from our favorite apps (VSCO, Snapseed, Tezza, and more) to the exact steps we take when brightening, cropping, and editing a photo, all with just a phone. You’re here because you want to better document those day-to-day memories or take better photos for your personal blog, brand, or Instagram—we’ll show you how to make it happen. 

These days, we don’t think you need fancy equipment or an expensive camera. You can shoot, edit, and post great photos with just your phone, and this course is all about how to make that happen: from tips on setting up your initial shot to the exact edits we make in our favorite apps to removing imperfections and making small, selective edits that make a world of difference.

Enrollment closes on Thursday, October 29, so be sure to claim your spot now! 



How does the course work? 

We start the course with our best tips and tricks for actually taking your photos. Even though editing can cover a lot of sins when it comes to photos, it always helps to set yourself up for success when shooting. We go over how to create balance in the composition of your shots and our process for taking our fave photos—like outfit flatlays, exterior shots, and interior vignettes. 



Next, we take you through all the edits we routinely make on our photos—from brightness to contrast to removing imperfections. With guided video tutorials and pro tips from our guest instructors Lauren Taylor and Ali Stone



You’ll learn our favorite apps for making specific edits—like Snapseed and Tezza—as well as the order we make our edits for the best results. Playing with filters is fun, but sometimes you need to overhaul a photo and a filter just won’t cut it. In this course, you’ll learn the separate core elements of photo editing, so you can edit any photo with ease.


What do I need to take this course? 

All you need to take the course is a smartphone capable of downloading apps. All the apps we use in the course are either free or less than $2. 




This course is for you if…



Meet Your Instructors


We put together this course with the help of our pro instructors to teach you all the steps you need to style, shoot, and edit your photos with just your smartphone. It’s easier than you think to get the final shot of your dreams. Ready to get started? Let’s do this. 


As a connoisseur of all things comfy and as an aspiring Princess of Genovia, Lauren is always encouraging women all over the world to love their REAL selves. She loves partnering with brands as a model, ambassador, and speaker that empowers and celebrates ALL women.

Lauren’s style of photography is bright and clean, beautifully pairing colors and backgrounds for an end result that shines.

Find Lauren at, on Instagram at, and on YouTube at


Ali is a Chicago-based professional photographer and lifestyle blogger. She fell in love with the art of photography when she found her mom’s old film camera at age 12. She has a BA in photography and has worked as a professional photographer since age 15. At age 21, she launched her blog, Those White Walls, her way of marrying her two loves of fashion and photography.

Since then, Ali has become an expert in her fields (and a boss at editing on her iPhone) and has created content for brands such as Orbitz, Almay, KLM Airlines, The Peninsula Hotels, Moncler, Stella Artois, and more.

Follow Ali on Instagram here and find her online at Those White Walls here



How do I claim my spot? 



After you purchase, you’ll have immediate access to the course and the ability to start learning right away. Remember, the course is completely self-paced, so you can move through it at a rate that works for you. Enrollment is only open until THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29 so be sure to grab your spot now before it’s too late! 




If you have any questions about Mastering Photo Editing on Your Phone or any of our other online courses, leave a comment here or reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!