The ‘Mean Girls’ Character You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

written by MICHELLE LEMA
Source: Paramount Pictures
Source: Paramount Pictures

The original Mean Girls movie entered the world in 2004, and the word “fetch” was never the same. The script was written by Tina Fey and based on a book by Rosalind Wiseman. It would make history with iconic objects like the Burn Book and lines like “on Wednesdays we wear pink” and “she doesn’t even go here.” The movie explored the life of teenage girls as Lindsay Lohan’s character Cady Heron joined a new high school—and came face-to-face with mean girl queen bee Regina George, played by Rachel McAdams. The movie was full of ever-changing crushes, intense rivalries, and poignant lessons about kindness and acceptance. Then the Mean Girls musical opened on Broadway in 2018, bringing the movie’s vibe to the stage, adding epic songs and choreography. It’s been 20 years since the original film, and the movie version of the musical is finally here. Most exciting of all, the iconic characters we know and love are returning.

Whether you relate to Regina’s endless ambition or Janis’s fearlessness, find out which Mean Girls character connects most with your zodiac sign below.


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Regina George may be the queen bee of the school, but she is so much more than that. Much like an Aries sign, she is driven by an ambition to be the best. In pursuit of this, she has absolutely no problem saying what she thinks, immediately, to anyone who dares cross her. Her Aries-like traits also make her fearless in the face of challenges, big or small. Regina is not afraid to take risks to achieve her goals, and will likely accomplish anything she puts her mind to, even if it means altering tactics.


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Ms. Norbury

If there’s any character that screams comfort and stability, two common traits of a Taurus, it’s Ms. Norbury. This unwavering presence is even true in real life because Tina Fey plays the character in both Mean Girls movies. Ms. Norbury is Cady’s math teacher and like anyone good with numbers, she’s practical and down to earth. She knows how to encourage her students and is not afraid to show off the ambitious side of the Taurus sign, because who wouldn’t want the Mathletes team to win?


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Karen may seem like she’s not paying attention, but she’s also curious and independent, even if it means she’s often living in her head. Like a Gemini, she’s not always one side of a coin. Even though she’s a part of Regina’s group, she has no problem doing her own thing. While classmates might not immediately call Karen clever, another common Gemini trait, she might actually be the smartest person in the room—looking at the world in a different way than anyone else. Like a true Gemini, she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her anyway.


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Ms. Heron

Cady’s mom is supportive and kind, always wanting the best for her daughter. She exhibits several of the core traits of a Cancer, steadily nurturing, protective, and intuitive. She tries her best to be available for Cady, even when she doesn’t quite understand what’s going on in her daughter’s life. Ms. Heron is the type of person you want on your side because her understanding nature will always know when it’s time to help, and when it’s time to step back.


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Damian is the truth-teller of his friend group and the school and isn’t afraid to call out classmates when they need to hear it the most. This confident trait, combined with unwavering loyalty to friends, makes Damian’s personality very Leo-like. When Cady arrives, Damian confidently takes the lead, unafraid to support anyone who isn’t accepted into the tumultuous chaos that is high school.


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Maybe not every Virgo is a Mathlete, but Cady’s math competition skills are certainly reminiscent of the logical, organized brain of a Virgo. Cady also has a romantic side, immediately crushing on Aaron as soon as she gets to her new school. She approaches the crush, her friendship with Damian and Janis, and her frenemy-ship with Regina through several methodical plans, like any Virgo would (even if said plans go very awry).


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Mrs. George

Mrs. George is Regina’s mom, and she definitely thrives in social settings. Like a confident Libra, she’s not afraid to be the life of the party. While Mrs. George is probably the social butterfly of her friend circle, she has trouble connecting with her daughter and friends. But Libras can be known to be a little bit idealistic, which is an important quality to have if you’re set on convincing Regina George that you are, in fact, the cool mom.


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Principal Duvall

Ever the dedicated and incredibly frustrated school principal, Mr. Duvall probably treasures his alone time more than anything, which makes me think he’s a Scorpio. In standard Scorpio form, he’s determined to keep the school in order and hold up its long-standing rules. When the rules fail, he can also be stubborn about making a change. When he’s at work he’s all business, but Mr. Duvall has a sensitive side, truly caring about the well-being of the students.


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While Aaron may fulfill the classic role of the most popular guy in school, he eventually shows off his more thoughtful side. He sees Cady’s adventures and travel experience as something to aspire to, just like any Sagittarius would. Even as he’s caught up in the drama of the school, he manages to keep up a friendly and optimistic attitude. But when the time comes, he’s not afraid to exhibit the Sag trait of telling the truth, even if it means confronting a friend.


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Madame Park

If you’ve seen the Mean Girls trailer, you’ll notice a delightful French teacher played by Ashley Park, whose character name is written on the chalkboard as “Madame Park.” Ashley was the original Gretchen on Broadway and earned a Tony nomination for the role, but I digress. In just a few short lines, we get her character’s vibe. She’s focused on teaching French to those high school kids no matter what, doesn’t put up with anything other than perfection, and exudes the confidence of a French girl. These are all traits that are fitting for a focused, hardworking Capricorn.


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Janis is smart, creative, and not afraid to be her own person. Like many Aquarius signs, she forges her own path in high school, setting an example for anyone who feels like they don’t belong. She befriends Cady and helps her deal with being the new kid, never wavering in her principles, yet always ready for anything school life throws at her. Janis is the type of Aquarius who thrives after high school when life is all about becoming your own person.


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While Gretchen is always worried about what Regina thinks about her, deep down she’s a dreamer who wants to be her own individual person, just like any sensitive, caring Pisces. Gretchen knows how to be compassionate, even though she has mean-girl status, and understands what her friends are thinking. She’s constantly one step ahead of everyone else, but maybe not always living in the present. Pisces often clash with the head-strong Aries, which makes sense since Regina is the ultimate Aries.