Not Sure What’s Next? Your Midheaven Can Help You Find Your Purpose

woman writing in journal, horoscope and moon background"
woman writing in journal, horoscope and moon background
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

Are you at a crossroads in life? Not sure where to go next? I feel you. Just a few years ago, I found myself in the exact same spot searching for meaning and direction. I had just moved back home after a few years abroad and was in need of a career change, or at least some kind of change, that felt right. Where was my North Star? If only there were some sort of blueprint or sign to point me in the right direction.

It turns out that my answer was in the stars! While diving deep into my birth chart during a solo wine-fueled night at home, I discovered the midheaven for the first time–my North Star. I had been waiting for a clear path and a leader to guide me, but my midheaven in Leo showed me that I was meant to create my own path and lead others. Now that I had half of the puzzle, I took some time for self-reflection to understand exactly what I wanted to lead.

With all the changes happening in my life, I felt incredibly lonely. I wanted to be a support system for others so they wouldn’t feel the same. As an introvert, reaching out and building connections with people was not an easy path for me (terrifying even), but my midheaven in Leo showed me that behind-the-scenes work just wouldn’t cut it if I wanted to create real change. I needed to become a shining example of the person I’d needed during my most difficult times.

Once I began to use my midheaven to my advantage, my life began to change for the better and feel more aligned. Because of this, as well as working with the midheaven throughout my astrology career, I’ve realized how powerful knowing your midheaven is when it comes to solving the lifelong puzzle of how to live out your existence. 



What is a Midheaven? 

In astrology, the midheaven is the highest point in the sky when we’re born. It represents how other people see us and how our natural gifts shine when we’re out in the world. To fully live out your midheaven, it’s important to reflect and get to know your inner desires, goals, and passions first. Once you’re familiar with your inner world, you can use your midheaven as a vehicle for action.


How to Find Your Midheaven

To find your midheaven, you’ll first need to pull up your birth chart (I love Astro.com for this). Be sure to select “Whole Signs” for the house system. Generally, the midheaven is located in the 10th house, but it can also be found in the 8th, 9th, 11th, or even 12th house in some charts.

In my birth chart below, you’ll see that it says “MC” in the 10th house. This is my midheaven. On the outer ring of the circle, you can find the zodiac symbol for each house. In my case, my 10th house and midheaven are in the sign of Leo.


What Does Each Midheaven Mean?


Midheaven in Aries: The Creator

Intimidation—what’s that? As an Aries midheaven, you’re a fearless force to be reckoned with. A natural-born creator and manifester, you find purpose in bringing your ideas and values to life by creating something new. You’re most impactful when leading an entrepreneurial venture, working in a high-energy field, or focusing on making your personal dreams a reality, whether that means owning a home, traveling the globe, or leaning into your creativity.


Midheaven in Taurus: The Safety Net

Comfort, stability, and safety are the MO of a Taurus midheaven. No matter which path you choose to take, creating stability and comfort for yourself will help you live out your truest expression. Taurus midheavens are excellent at managing money and physical spaces. For example, this could look like actually owning property or designing comfy and cozy spaces for yourself and others to thrive.


Midheaven in Gemini: The Explorer

As a Gemini midheaven, you take the advice of not putting all your eggs in one basket to heart…by putting one egg in every basket instead. You might feel like it’s impossible to settle on just one focus point when there’s so much to experience in life. The good news is that you’re meant to use your curiosity as a strength and pursue life paths or careers that allow you to ask questions, explore new ideas, and experience as much as possible. 


Midheaven in Cancer: The Mother

Cancer is the mothering energy, but that doesn’t mean all Cancer midheavens are destined to be mothers. Instead, you might use your caring and sensitive nature to hold space and make others feel fully seen, heard, and loved. Or perhaps use these skills to “mother” something else, like a community, a new project, or a farm full of fur babies.


Midheaven in Leo: The Heart-Centered Leader 

Leo midheavens are looked to as inspirational and positive leaders in their families, communities, or careers. To live out your purpose, you must take what’s important to you and fully embody it. For this midheaven sign, it’s especially important to lead from the heart and express yourself fully on a personal and creative level. In turn, this inspires others to do the same.


Midheaven in Virgo: The Organizer

Virgo midheavens love a good problem. Whether you’re sorting through data to find the truth or helping people get their lives in order, you get satisfaction from organizing and keeping things functional. Many Virgo midheavens have an idealized version of the world in their head and they won’t rest until they make it a reality. 


Midheaven in Libra: The Bridge

Libra midheavens are the great connectors. You have a strong ability to understand that things aren’t black and white—there are infinite viewpoints, and they all hold a piece of the truth. With this placement, you’re able to serve as a mediator and bring diverse individuals and perspectives together, knowing that real solutions come from diversity and collaboration. 


Midheaven in Scorpio: The Alchemist

Not everyone is comfortable talking about those deep, dark, hidden parts of themselves, but that’s where Scorpio midheavens come in. You understand that we become more whole and powerful when we address the parts of ourselves that we feel ashamed about. When you’re in your power and address your own stuff, you possess the strength to help others process their trauma and become fuller versions of themselves. 


Midheaven in Sagittarius: The Philosopher

Sagittarius midheavens love to explore and dive deep to find the meaning behind it all. Whether you’re trekking the world to gain a deeper understanding of it or analyzing the depths of the mind, your gift is gathering knowledge and sharing it with others. Individuals with this sign often gravitate toward careers in the realm of teaching, writing, or philosophy.


Midheaven in Capricorn: The CEO

Capricorn midheavens make exceptional leaders. Whether it’s a business, household, or revolution, you possess the drive, dedication, consistency, and vision to make sure people continue on in the face of challenges. You intrinsically know how to delegate tasks to others and make sure that the mission is achieved. You know what they say, “Every great revolution was led by a Capricorn midheaven” (Okay, nobody has ever said that but it’s probably true.).


Midheaven in Aquarius: The Innovator

With serious Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century energy, Aquarius midheavens are focused on carving their own path and telling everyone about it. You see the future as exciting, infinite, and unpredictable and strive to make your mark on it. Whether you’re a thought leader for out-of-the-box ideas or creating innovative technologies, you’re meant to create the future here in the present.


Midheaven in Pisces: The Empath

Embodying the energy of collective consciousness isn’t easy, but Pisces midheavens are able to use their empathy and compassion as a strength. You have a unique ability to meet nearly everyone where they’re at and help them get more in touch with themselves and their spirituality. When it comes to creating and holding space for emotions to flow without judgment, Pisces midheavens are unmatched.


How To Use Your Midheaven To Your Advantage

After getting familiar with what your midheaven is asking of you, the next step toward finding your purpose is to reflect on what you truly want in life–whether it’s career-related or not. Journaling, meditation, and long talks with friends are all great ways to do this, but the best way is whatever feels right for you. Once you know what pulls on your heart strings, use your midheaven to understand how you can achieve it. 

I mentioned above that my midheaven in Leo showed me that I can make people feel less alone by leading by example. If my midheaven were in Taurus, a better avenue for me could have been to create communal spaces for people to gather. If my midheaven were in Aquarius, perhaps I’d invent a new app to help people connect with each other on a deeper level. The key is understanding how your deepest desires and your midheaven can work with each other in a harmonious way and following what feels right. 

By living out your purpose and following your heart, you can create a more fulfilling life for yourself and inspire others to do the same.