8 Outfit Formulas To Look Like an off-Duty Model

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You know when you’re walking down the street, and you catch a glimpse of some girl who just looks… effortlessly cool? Like she just woke up, threw on the things that were at the front of her closet without much thought, and those things just happened to work together perfectly? 

I hate to break it to you, but that probably isn’t what happened.

Of all the different styles to master, in my humble opinion, one of the hardest is that effortless, cool, je ne sais quoi of that girl on the street and off-duty models being photographed by paparazzi. It turns out, it actually isn’t that easy to look like you put no thought into your outfits and just came out of the womb fabulous and in an impeccable combination of perfectly-fitted basics. But the good news? With a little bit of effort, it can become second nature—and yes, all those people we’re emulating are trying just as hard as us behind the scenes.

Ready to step out into 2021 looking like you’re a celebrity dodging paparazzi? Look no further than these eight outfit combinations.



1. Distressed denim + ribbed turtleneck + a layered tank

This season, bra tops and sheer tanks are going to be one of the top trends; and both of them sound intimidating, until you think of styling them like this. Layered on top of a tight, thin turtleneck, they give all of the visual appeal with none of the unwanted reveal. The result? An effortless combo that you’ll turn to again and again.



2. A matching set + teddy coat + chunky boots

You know when you want to run to the grocery store, but don’t feel like wearing the same thing you have every day for the past two weeks? This is your answer. Leave on one of your usual matching sets, but top it with a teddy coat and chunky combat boots. You didn’t try at all, but it sure looks like you did.




3. Leggings + a long, wool coat + a beanie

I’ll be a sucker for a pom beanie until the day I die, but something about this pom-free one with a sweatshirt, wool coat, and black booties makes me want to run out and buy one in every color. It’s easy and thought-free with all of the put-together payoff.



4. All black + a structured blazer

When you want to look like a celeb hoping the paparazzi don’t spot you, you can hardly go wrong with an all-black ensemble. A base of black skinny jeans and a black turtleneck are made completely un-boring here with the addition of a structured blazer and knee-high boots. 



5. Distressed denim + hoodie + combat boots

Sometimes, outfits with less pieces do more talking, and this is an example of that. A plain hoodie, distressed jeans, and combat boots are the cool girl’s off-duty uniform.




6. Baseball hat + a camel coat + pointed-toe boots

Our love for a baseball hat knows no bounds, and this is a visual example of why. If you aren’t feeling the leather pants and booties shown here, just pair your favorite crewneck with a pair of jeans, sneakers, your camel coat, and a baseball hat, and you can have the same effect with more comfort. 



7. A tee with shoulder pads + mom jeans + white shoes

Interested in the shoulder pads trend but don’t know how to style them without feeling like you’re out of an ’80s music video? This is for you. This shoulder-padded tee is the perfect, easy swap for any old T-shirt, but the effect pays off in spades. Since the upper half of your body will do so much talking, the bottom can be effortless with your favorite jeans and sandals or sneakers.



8. Straight denim + black turtleneck + leather jacket + sneakers

Even if you feel more like a maximalist than a minimalist, this is an argument for minimalism if I’ve ever seen one. This look is simple and clean, but put-together and appropriate for just about anything—it’s impossible to look over or under-dressed in this.